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World Cheese Book

9780756654429HWorld Cheese Book – The Finest Selection
Published at DK Canada

About the book

The book is about cheese in all its many glorious varieties. What it looks like, what it tastes like, where it comes from, what you should do with it and why, how to choose a cheese you'll like and how best to enjoy it. It gives you an in-depth understanding of the world of cheese - the science, the smells, the succulence.

The core of the book is formed by the Directory Spreads, packed with clear and expert information about each cheese and illustrated with excellent photography. The cheeses are arranged by country, each section written by an expert "cheesie" from that country. For the novice, the intermediate and expert cheese eater, it will become the undisputed best guide to the world's cheeses.

My Thoughts

My husband loves cheese particularly the strong kind.   And when I saw this title in the Tasty DK boutique I knew that it could be interesting for my husband.  Whenever he can try something new, he will jump on the opportunity.   I remember driving in the country once and he saw a sign announcing you can purchase fresh goat cheese at a farm.  Needless to say that he had to stop and try it out.   So we went to the farm, entered the small store and tasted goat cheese…  Personally, I couldn’t care less about it because I find it tastes as the animal smells.  But he liked it and purchased some on the spot.   I will admit I am picky about cheese.  While I like the soft and semi-soft kind, my husband prefers the strong and flavored ones.    Mind you I am always willing to try it and sometimes I discover some new flavours of cheese that I like. 

The book is divided into 12 sections:

  • Introduction: understanding cheese, using this book, fresh cheeses, aged fresh cheeses, soft white cheeses, semi-soft cheeses, hard cheeses, blue cheeses,  flavor-added cheeses, the perfect cheeseboard.
  • France: Beaufort, Brie de Meaux, Comté, Epoisses de Bourgogne, Reblochon de Savoie, Roquefort, Sainte-Maure de Touraine.
  • Italy: Gorgonzola, Mozzarella di Bufala, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Taleggio.
  • Spain and Portugal: Mahòn, Manchego.
  • Great Britain and Ireland: Cheddar, Stilton, Yarg Cornish Cheese, Caboc, Caerphilly.
  • Low Countries: Belgium, The Netherlands, Gouda
  • Germany, Austria, and Switzerland: Emmentaler
  • Scandinavia: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland
  • Eastern Europe and the Near East: Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, Feta, Halloumi
  • The Americas: USA’ Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Monterey Jack
  • Japan
  • Australia and New Zealand

For each cheese presented in this book – and there are about 750 cheeses listed in it – you will get the name, an introduction, tasting notes, how to enjoy it, a map, a photograph, a scale, and a table containing the following information: region, age, weight and shape, size, milk, classification, and producer.   Every now and then in each section of the book, you will get a more detailed presentation on specific cheeses (see list above).    In these pages you will get an history of the cheese, and get an eye bird view on how they make it.

image  image  image

Essentially, this book is a great gift for the cheese lover in your life.  It will open up new flavours to try, new cheeses to experience and new taste buds to develop when it comes to cheese.  As I flipped through the pages, I immediately went to the ones from my birth province – Quebec.   I have also spotted a cheese that I would love to try out one of these days – Le Cru des Erables which is made in an old maple syrup shanty then washed in a local maple sap liqueur from Les Fromages de l’Erablière.  Sound delicious to me!

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World Cheese Book is available at your favourite bookstore, even and


 Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned title for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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