Friday, July 13, 2007

Ever heard of this community site?   It is quite addictive if you ask me but fun at the same time.   You can find old friends which who you lost touch with or just keep in touch with regular friends.  

BUT at the same time, I am disturb with something.   As for any other sites, I think you should be careful with the kind of information you put on  I do have friends who posted their full address and phone number in there.   Personally, I prefer not to... for various reasons but most specifically because there are sickos and weirdos in the world.   Now, I am not freaking out here...  we had a situation in our city with a murder and it could be linked to facebook somehow.  

I prefer caution...   Just as for the blog.  Don't put too much information.  At first, I had written where I lived but I realized that it would be preferable not too.  So I went through all my entries and remove any references to where I live.

Having said that, you can control the information you put on Facebook and I think it is interesting to see how people are doing...  Try it out...  I think you will like it!

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  1. It is especially big with the college kids. My two sons each have an account. I preach to them all the time to be careful what info you put on and know who is on your account. My 15 year old is really good about it. We are Navy and move a lot and he can keep up with his friends...but my almost 19 year old does EVERYTHING you are NOT supposed to do. I pray for him A LOT! At 19 he doesn't believe the is so hard. I won't let my 13 year old near the site OR myspace...she is a lot like her older brother...enjoy! icart