Thursday, July 12, 2007

Organizing, throwing and moving things around

I am currently in a major organization in this house...  It all started with my crowded office.  Too many papers around and stuff piling high on the desk.   It was a wonder I was able to reach my computer.   Now... It is more organized even though I still need to place things around.   I have a transparent filing cabinet that needs to be emptied so that I can put it in the wardrobe of the guest room once it is emptied at its turn.

We had a guest.  She is gone - back home in the States.   Now we are thinking of putting Alexandre and Jérémy in that room which means bringing the queen bed downstairs, removing the bookshelf which will go in the office, organize that bookshelf for homeschooling books and so on...   Bringing the other single bed upstairs, moving the bunk beds in the bigger room, putting the other bed up for Dominic, reorganizing the room where Dominic will sleep...   Eventually buy some furniture for the big bedroom with Alexandre and Jérémy but this will have to wait a bit... Our big contract won't start for another month or two.

Oh my!   I see a HUGE mountain of things to be done.  All this because we need to get organized for the arrival of the baby.   But we have a bit of time, which means I can take it one day at a time.   Today it was emptying a plastic container which contained a bunch of OLD paperwork from before I met my husband.  A bunch went into the shredder... Some needs to be filed...  Found an old ring of my grand-mother in the process.  Not the greatest (not my style) but maybe we could get some cash for it eventually.    

Now I am a bit tired...   Definetively need a nap this afternoon!!!

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  1. eclecticeducationJuly 12, 2007 at 8:21 AM

    Wow! That sounds like a lot of work!!! I'm glad you are up to it! I could not have done all that while I was pregnant! I was so sick!!!!