Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tackling it!

>Yep!  We decided to stay home this week-end.  Not knowing what to do, we decided to tackle some work to be done in the house.  Result?   The extra room is almost converted for Alexandre and Jérémy...   The queen bed is down (really in the basement), Jérémy's mattress is upstairs as well as the other single bed for Dominic.   The bookcase is now in my office and organized for homeschooling...   Still need to do some work in the office but I'm happy this is done.   The desk that was in the guest room is emptied.

What's need to be done?  Lots... but hey we do have a few more months. 

  • Empty the wardrobe in the guest room and transfer Jérémy's clothes in there
  • Buy a darkening blind for the bedroom
  • Transferring the beds of the bunkbed into that room and putting the bed of Dominic's up
  • Finishing organizing my office...
  • Finishing taking pictures of the old art of Alexandre
  • Filing the personal and business paperwork
  • Finish to empty the plastic filing cabinet for the bedroom upstairs.
  • Figuring out where to put our games because right now they are on the shelf in the wardrobe...

We got blessed with a desk from our pastor this week.  We will put it in Alexandre's room so that he can go do some school (most likely math for now and some computer as well).   It is quite nice to be honest.

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