Friday, July 6, 2007

The week so far....

OUPS!  Having trouble updating I guess...  Must be the busyness of summer.

This week was Phys Ed for Alexandre.   All week he had a soccer camp with Athletes in Action.  Today is the last day and there is a tournament.   However, the forecast is saying rain and thunderstorm...  Oh Oh!   The tournament is from 11am until 2pm or so.   So I am praying for rain to come down after that!

On another hand, I have another bronchitis...   I am starting to wonder if I shouldn't get my ducts clean...   Problem is we are low on contracts no to say there is no contracts these days...  So we are buying the essentials only.   Good news is, husband went to meet with someone for a contract yesterday BUT it won't be until August.  OUCH!    We are optimistic...   It is always like this in the summer time and during Christmas time.    So we wait patiently even though it is a bit stressful.

Next week, I am planning to do some homeschooling with Alexandre and bring the boys to the library to get some books.  We do have some here at home but I am looking for some specific ones that goes with the Come Sit By Me curriculum.    We shall start this slowly.  With the baby coming sometime in December...  (due date January 6 but c-section should be done 5-10 days before... OB said: "Not sure what sort of miracles we will do with this date!" but I trust in God...) I need to start early.


  1. The girls were begging, so we started school yesterday. Never too early!


  2. I can sympathize b/c I too have bronchitis. )0= I hope you feel better SOON. It sounds like your having a nice summer. I hope you enjoy Come Sit by Me. I did it with my younger two.

    God Bless my SSiC

    In Him<><


  3. I'm honoring you with the Blogger Reflection Award! You can stop by my blog for all the details!