Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Today is a day of frustration...  I dropped off Alexandre as his day camp and then I went to the pharmacy to mail something.   Well going out, I spot the garbage bin and on the ground next to it, empty container from DQ and McDonald's.   No really... how hard is it to put the darn stuff IN the garbage instead than on the ground...

That's when I lifted my eyes and saw plastic containers in the parking lot.   Driving to the grocery story to get some margarine and other little things, more garbages everywhere on the ground.

Literally pisses me off...  I just can't believe how people are selfish sometimes.   Now if I would have had some platic gloves, I might have picked a few but with the quantity I saw all the way back home (including parks mind you), I would have work from the next 4 months I think.

Personally, I try very hard to make the effort to keep my garbage in the van and to throw them when I see a garbage bin or at home.   If everyone would do this, I think our environment would be a little bit better... don't you think?

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