Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I am doing good???

I've being wondering if I am gifted to teach my kids...  Monday was great!   We read a few books on birds and Alexandre did his devotion, we talked about what makes a bird a bird and we talked and read some verses in the bible where birds are involved.   We look at two differents books on birds as well, one that is really neat showing off the differents feathers or eggs that birds can have.  Oh and he worked on his phonics book as well.

Yesterday was another story...  I knew I had an appointment for him at the doctor.  Poor child has some warts under his feet.   So we are treating them.  But the appointment was at 9:15am.  So we planned to go to the chiro before hand.   After much wait, I decided at 9am to leave because of the other appointment...   We had being thinking to swithc chiro to one closer to home.  One who goes to our church as well.   Anyhow, the wait made us decide to go ahead with the switch.   So we came back home and it was almost lunch... I had a errand to do after the appointment.    So not much schooling.  What we did, you might ask...  Well, devotion has been done, we talked about different ways a birds can move,... and we listened to a CD about the different songs birds can do (differents birds as well).   I think they liked it.

Today... well, devotion has been done.   so far... we had our appointment with the new chiro...  Just came back about 20 minutes ago.  The older kids are outside playing, enjoying the sun.  Alexandre is not feeling like doing school right now.   Me I don't feel good.

Maybe I am hard on myself...  I had planned so many things for this week...   Next week, it will be VBS and Sports Camp. 

Well, the kids are back in.  It is getting warm outside....  So we are doing the phonics book.


  1. You are doing FINE! It is summer and it's a good time to just "ease into" school. That's what we're doing. We've been working off-and-on, and are just doing our 5th full day. Go easy on yourself! Sounds like you're doing a great job!


  2. There are good days and bad days with homeschooling just like anything else. You are doing a great job!! Don't be so hard on yourself. Remember every second of the day does not need to be planned. Give you and the kids some time to adjust. Both days sound good to me. Not as according to plan but not horrible either.

    Have fun with VBS next week!!