Monday, August 13, 2007


This is how I feel these days... as the school year approaching, I have more and more doubts. I am indeed attacked by the enemy putting doubts in my head and making me feel as thought I am worthless. I HATE IT! But being over-sensitive since the pregnancy it probably not helping.

So to overcome this feeling this morning, I homeschooled... We did the devotional (and catching up on the days missed last week because of the Leadership Summit), we did MathUSee, we did Croque-Math (a french book on Maths), we did Je Lis... J'écris... (the French curriculum I bought for reading)... Later today, I want to do Art with the Draw the Marvel Comics Super Heroes book we are testing for Toy Testing. Oh and they went outside a bit... Now they are all playing in the bedroom upstairs while I am boiling water for lunch - Pasta salad on the menu...

I am also fed-up with other things that I would prefer not to mention on my blog for various reasons... I don't want to vent here. I vent with my husband. I cry sometimes. But I don't consider my blog a place to do this. I am mentioning this so that if my friends want to pray, they will know I need prayer...

Now it is said... I don't have nothing else to say for now. Thanks for listening - I mean reading!

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