Thursday, August 16, 2007

New name...

I've been pondering about a name for our school....

I like Oak Grove Academy.   My husband prefers Testosterone School.  No comments here.

Who knows what will be the sex of the new baby.   If it's a boy - then maybe testosterone school might be a better fit... but still I don't see a school named like this.

Oak Grove...  An oak is a strong tree that comes from a small nut.    It is able to go through storms with no problems, unless it is a tornado mind you... but it is still a strong tree.   Grove is a small wooded are or plantation.    My children ar emy small plantation... I tend to them, I guide them to grow strong and I teach them.

For these reasons, I like Oak Grove Academy.   Sounds good don't you think?   I want to print an offical page and frame it at the side of my office where I keep all the schooling supplies.   We officially do school in the dining room though.   So the frame will be in between the office and the dining room.

So welcome to Oak Grove Academy.

1 comment:

  1. I can tell that you put some serious thought into it and it sounds very official.

    Tell Rob that I am helping you to override his name idea! LOL

    Our school is called Westfall Academy (for obvious reasons).