Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Officially starting...

Today is the day were the French Catholic School Board is officially starting school.  The bus stop is literally in front of my house...  and I was checking the two kids who were going to take the bus this morning thinking how glad I was my son wouldn't have to be rushed out of the house to take the bus.  You see the bus arrives at 7:35am and school starts at 8:10am or so.   Alexandre had breakfast and we did his devotion this morning.   After my breakfast and feeding the baby, we sat at the dining table and started school.   This morning reading and writing in French.   Then while I go to a cooking course with the two younger ones, he will stay home with dad and do Rosetta Stone and practicing his typing with the Typing Tutor.   He loves it.  

So far so good.   We are doing well.  Missed it last week when he was at VBS at a church in our city...  So I guess it is a good sign right?

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  1. It really sinks in when you see the bus go by and know that your kids don't have to be on it.

    School starts here tomorrow (public school)~ we've got a nice head start.