Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Totally blessed...

Due to financial tighteness (we are waiting for contracts for the business which seems to take forever to come in...), I had to call this morning to cancelled Alexandre's registration to a VBS at a local church next week.   It took a lot of effort from me to do that.   We were willing to bring Dominic to it since he didn't participate to anything this summer and his was only half-day but a full day with that was too much.

We had talked to Alexandre the night before and at first he was upset about it but then he was okay with the idea of being with my alone to homeschool.   So I called this morning as soon as I came back from the chiropractor.

I got the children's pastor on the phone.   I explained our situation and asked her if we could put the deposit of Alexandre on Dominic's registration and then pay only the 10$ left.   Dominic being the only one to attend camp this year.   She was so sorry about it and said they could do that no problem.  Then somehow she proposed that they subsidize Alexandre's registration so that he could come too!...   She took me off guard.   I wasn't expecting this whatsoever...   Tears started to come down and a lump formed in my throat.    As hard it was to call and cancel Alexandre's registration, I found myself to be humble enough to tell her that it very generous and that we usually don't take advantage of these things since we can pay...  She said she understood and that everyone goes through stages in life and this is only a bad stage for us right now, that they would be really happy to do this and that they would like to have him at camp next week.   

Even as I write this, I have tears in my eyes.   I never imagine how poor people could feel sometimes when accepting charity or opportunities like this.   I don't want to forget this.   After talking to my husband, he was blow away and said that someday we will return the favor to someone else.   Yes indeed, it is a blessing for us, a marvelous surprise and we will make sure never to forget about it.

Husband went to a client today to try to complete the only contract we have.   He also talked to another client who said that more than likely there will be something in place by the end of the week for one of our employees.   Now if only the two other potential contracts could come in....  that would be better as we are in great need these days.  If nothing comes...  well I better not think about it.   Stress is not too good for me these days!

So I pray that contracts do start pouring our way soon...  In the meantime, I am thankful of God's provision for the VBS and for what we have right now.

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  1. .....PAY for VBS?

    I'm glad that they generously gave you a gift of allowing Alexandre to go, but I think that's crazy to have to pay at all.