Friday, January 1, 2010

Fields of Grace

Fields of Grace

Written by Kim Vogel Sawyer
Published at Bethany House

About the book
Will their Mennonite faith be shaken or strengthened by the journey to a new land?

With their eldest son nearly to the age when he will be drafted into military service, Reinhardt and Lillian Vogt decide to immigrate to America, the land of liberty, with their three sons and Reinhardt's adopted brother, Eli. But when tragedy strikes during the ocean voyage, Lillian and Eli are forced into an agreement neither desires.

Determined to fulfill his obligation to Reinhardt, Eli plans to see Lillian and her sons safely settled on their Kansas homestead--and he's equally determined that the boys will be reared in the Mennonite faith. What he doesn't expect is his growing affection for Lillian--and the deep desire to be part of a family.

Who is Kim Vogel Sawyer?
Kim Vogel Sawyer is fond of C words like children, cats, and chocolate. She is the author of thirteen novels, including the bestselling Waiting for Summer's Return. She is active in her church, where she teaches adult Sunday school and participates in both voice and bell choirs. In her spare time, she enjoys drama, quilting, and calligraphy. Kim and her husband, Don, reside in Kansas and have three daughters and six grandchildren. Visit Kim's Web site at

My Thoughts
Imagine that you have to leave your current life behind, pack your family and move to a new land. And while travelling you loose both your husband and your youngest child to death. You have to make decisions rapidly to secure your other kids and yourself to a respectable life. This is exactly what Lilliian – one of the main characters in the book- goes through. She is blessed to have Eli close by and ready to offer assistance. Eli is family after all. But her decision to marry him is not well seen by both her boys. The oldest is reluctant about the idea.

The book will bring you on an adventure of re-establishing your life in a new country. You will travel with the family and discover how to break the language barrier. You will build a sod house and live in it while trying to harvest the land. You will experience the disappointments of nature and life. You will feel the joy, the pain and the sorrow of the characters. And then there is hope on various levels. Hope that the New Year will be better. Hope that neighbours will arrive soon. Hope to see a son who left abruptly. Hope in God.

I enjoyed this historical fiction mostly because it made me reflects on my own capacity to leave everything behind and build a new life elsewhere. Would I be able to do what Lillian did? I find that these days, not a lot of people are able to start over in a different environment and be strong enough to start from the bottom. It’s not easy but it is a quality that many should seek. I pray that God will strengthen me and make me grow to the point that I would be able to do just that - To be uprooted and be transplanted where God wants me to be.

This review was possible because I received a copy of Fields of Grace from Bethany House.
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