Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Creation Story for Children

creation-story-children The Creation Story for Children
Written by Helen & David Haidle
Published at MasterBooks

About the book

"In the beginning, God created"

...with these words, the Bible powerfully sets in motion our praise to the Creator for His awesome work. Written and illustrated by David and Helen Haidle, The Creation Story for Children is filled with vibrant images of the week of Creation.

  • Illustrated througout with unique, full-color artwork
  • Innovatively highlighting the unique design of twenty creatures
  • Developed to help young learners begin to grasp the greatness of God
  • Perfect as part of an education program or as a treasured gift, this book will be an incredible addition to your school, church, or home library. Focused on God's wonderful handiwork in Genesis 1-2 and Psalms 139, it is one children will enjoy over and over again!

    Who are Helen & David Haidle?

    Helen and David Haidle produce gentle, biblical books for children about the world around them. Helen writes while David illustrates and their 45 or more books have sold more than 1.7 million copies.

    My Thoughts

    Tonight I sat down with three of my kids (the fourth one was on a one-on-one special time with daddy time) and we read through this marvellous book that goes through the story of creation (Genesis 1-2) AND Psalm 139.16707

    The colorful pages were an absolute hit for my kids especially those showing a the plants, fishes, birds and animals.   They each took their time to show me their favourite fish, bird and animal.   I even discovered that my four year old loves bald eagles a fact that was unknown until now.    This fact is written on my heart and I will not forget about it.    The second time we saw the bald  eagle further in the book he joyfully exclaimed “They even put my favourite one there!” *grin*  Gotta love that child of mine.    As much as I love ladybugs I think he loves bald eagles.     I think that a bald eagle from Schleich will find its way in his stocking at Chrismas time… *double grin*

    Needless to say we spent a lovely time reading through the story of creation and also through the facts in Psalm 139.   The kids participated when I asked specific questions regarding creation and enjoyed the beautiful images as much as I did.

    The good news is that this book can also be used in conjunction with either God Made the WORLD & ME or Creation which are two curriculum books that will bring your preschoolers or your grades 1-4 kids to a better understand of creation through science, art, math and more.   

    This book can also be a wonderful gift for new parents as well as for a dedication or baptism.    It is indeed a book that I would recommend any family, church or school to have one their shelves.

    This review was possible because I received a copy of The Creation Story for Children from MasterBooks.

    The Creation Story for Children is available everywhere even at

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