Saturday, August 14, 2010

TOS Crew Blog Walk - Week 8

Here’s the time for the weekly blog walk among the participants of the TOS Crew.  Imagine my surprise when I received an email from google alert telling me my blog was listed elsewhere.   When I clicked on the links I realized that my blogs were listed for the TOS Crew Blog Walk of this week….  *grin*    I’ve been busy this week being the taxi for the kids as they go to camp, wrapping up the business finances, finishing a couple of reviews and completing a document for the school year that I hadn’t had time so far to check the blog walk.  
1. Ramblings from the Crazy House
Diane is the author of this blog.   She blogs about a variety of subjects from education, Life in the Crazy House, Promos and Reviews.   
2. Chicagoland Homeschool Network
Chicagoland Homeschool Network is a free resource to help families in the Chicagoland area connect with resources to enhance their homeschool experience.  Erin is updating this blog.   Chicago is a wonderful city.   I visited it once while going to a church planting course.    Lots of museums to visit and fun things to do.   Worth going with kids for sure!  And knowing that there is a site completely dedicated for homeschoolers in Chicago, I will keep this in mind for when we bring our kids to Chicago!
3. Marine Corps Nomads
Heather is the mom behind Marine Corps Nomads.   She has one child and her family is prone to move a lot since her husband is an active duty Marine.   Currently stationed in the desert of Arizona, their homeschool is full of fun discoveries.   She recently posted a first part of their construction of a volcano.    Sound fantastic.   Can’t wait to read the 2nd part of it….
4. Faith, Family and Fun
Heather is the author being this blog.   She is a mom of many kids whose ages range from 5 to 23 years old.   This blog is all about parenting, homeschool, and reviews.  She recently reviewed what looks like a wonderful drawing product called Simple Draw with Bob Parsons.    Look great from the results of the drawing of her son.   
5. Books and Bairns
Heather is the mom behind this blog.    They have 7 kids both biological and adopted.    Her blogs is full of insights in their family life and how they homeschool. They recently had a set-back in the request of a visa for a girl they would love to adopt.    It must be hard for her and for the family.   I pray that God’s hand will guide the next step to take concerning this situation and that an happy resolution will be found soon.
6. Chatter, Clatter and Things That Matter
Heidi is a mom of two kids who is sharing what happens in their homeschool on this blog.   Recently, we received a package that was suppose to have Latin textbooks in it.   Problem is…  well the books were missing.   So at this moment, someone somewhere in the postal service is supposed to see if they can track them down….   I hope they will and they will arrive safe and sounds at their destination within a week as they were lent to them.     They also did a FANTASTIC job is decorating the room of their teenage girl.   Love the colors!
7. Canadianladybug Reviews!
If you are here and read this entry, you already know the blog.   This is my review blog – where I post my reviews about products and books I receive.   
8. Life at Oak Grove
Life at Oak Grove is our personal blog where I share our adventure in homeschool and our activities.   I also write tidbits about faith and Christ in my life.    Enjoy discovering more about me there! 
9. Home Sweet Home(school)
Jean is the author of this blog and shares practical tips for home educators.  She is also posting reviews from the crew and shares what is happening in her life.  
10. a glimpse of our life
Jennifer  is the author of this blog and like the title suggest it you will get a glimpse of their like.    Reviews, gratitude, family activities are all subject of entries.    I have discovered an interesting meme while looking her blog.  I think I will look into   I’m a little bit behind… but I love the idea.  
Well, that’s it for this week.    These are all First Mates of the crew.   Team leaders is other crew members from all around the US, Canada and the world.   
See you next time for the next blog walk…


  1. Just stopping by on the TOS Blogwalk to check out your blog and to start following you. I like your blog! :)

  2. i haven't heard of the blogwalk, i'll have to take a peek!
    and hello other Canadian Blogger! lol. I'm a prairie canadian girl! :)

  3. Hi there! I'm dropping in from the TOS blog walk and a new follower. It's nice to 'meet' you! Blessings. :)

  4. Stopping by on the Blog Walk to say hi! I love the design of your blog.