Saturday, August 14, 2010

Not once but twice….

Dominic has to wear glasses because one of his eyes was going inward – especially when he was tired.
So for the past two years, he got these glasses – two pairs sale we got at Costco.   Same design.  Same color.  Same prescription.
Last month, one of them broke.   I tried to go to Costco to get it repaired.   They won’t do it.   To fix them it would need a machine to melt the metal together.   I went to various eye glasses store.   They don’t have the machine anymore for whatever reason.  They don’t do it.   I got told to ask jewellery stores.   I did everyone told me that it’s not the same kind of metal.   Grrrr!   How hard could it be to do that?  Really.
Then I found a place downtown but I need to bring the glasses so that the owner can make sure it is the proper kind of metal.   He would do it for 25$.  Not bad but I would have to drop them off and then go pick them up the next day.   *sigh*
Last night, Dominic came downstairs after his shower crying.   We thought he had hurt himself.  But then he start saying something about his glasses….   Poor kid thought he would get punished because the 2nd pair had fallen from the counter and broke.  Accidents happen.   These frames were old – about 2 1/2 years now.   His next appointment is in December.
What should we do?   Get another frame and lenses from Costco which would be between 100 and 150$ is an option.   But we called his doctor and left a message.   Trying to get his appointment switched to earlier and make sure his prescription for his eye doesn’t need to be changed.   Then knowing that this place guarantee replacement in case of accidents like this we told them we would buy there this time as we have learned our lesson.    We prefer the guarantee of having repairs than discovering that they can’t do it anymore because the frame is over two years old (like Costco for example).  
It will be more expensive.   We might consider getting the instant darkening for outside depending of the price.   
So now we wait and see what will happen.   They were close last night.  I’m praying for an opening and understanding from the specialist and his staff...   


  1. I am glad you got the "follow" button to work. :) Good luck!

  2. We have had the same thing with broken glasses and we now use America's Best where they have 2 pairs for one price. They guarantee the glasses and most times don't even ask for the reciept or anything. I myself have transitions (darkening lens) and while they do darken they are not quite the same as wearing sunglasses. Looking at me yes but me looking out through them it is not very much darker just cuts the glare some. For me glare is a major issue with my sight and so the did not really help all too much I need something darker. Next time I will get 2 pair but one will be sunglasses tint and one will be regular clear lens and I will just switch the two depending on my activities. The transitions and poly carb lens with $60 frames cost me about $300 btw.