Monday, August 16, 2010


At what age can a child volunteer for something?
In my house , it is 2 years old.   From an early age, Jasmine was willing to help in and around the house.    What her big brothers do, she wants to do.   
Alexandre has recently showed her how to dry the utensils and place them at the proper place.    Nothing stops her.   As soon as she hears him or me unloading the dishwasher, she comes to help.   She grabs a towels and want to do the utensils.
Here’s her taking one of the utensils to dry.
Now she is drying the said utensil…
And she place it at the proper place.   This was a mommy fork and she knows the difference between the mommy fork and the baby fork.  
She is simply ADORABLE! 


  1. Enjoyed reading your post! I am from the Crew and just realized I wasn't following your blog~ I am now.

  2. That is so sweet!

    I'm stopping by and following from the TOS Blog Walk.

  3. Stopping by on the Blog Walk to say hi. How sweet!

  4. Aw, cute pictures! It's so great that the little ones have chores to do - keeps them out of trouble!

  5. That's great! It's wonderful when they start early like this. ;-)