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SporeHero Spore Hero (Wii)
EA Games

About the game

Spore finally comes to the Wii in this all-new adventure. Create your own creature hero and fight to save your planet. This all-new story begins as you crash land on a strange alien world. But something evil has followed you and is threatening to destroy the creatures of the planet. Only a true hero can save the world from this new threat! Earn unique new parts to adapt your hero for courageous battles and amazing adventures.

  My Thoughts

This is an interesting game that will bring you on a quest to become an hero for the inhabitants of the planet where you crashed.    Along with you, evil has also came and your objective is to save this beautiful world from them.  It is a quest kind of game where you have to perform tasks to advance in it.   

I used to play the KingQuest, PoliceQuest and SpaceQuest games when I was a much younger person.   This game reminded me of them a little bit but at the same time it is quite different.   Along the way, you discover new parts and you can transform you creature and make it bigger as well.   Various opportunities come to you along the way to help, get trained and more.   You will be able to create and evolve your character with over 250 collectable parts and special abilities.    A map is also available so you can see which other sections needs to be unlocked on the way.    The graphics are stunning and the color very bring.    The characters/creatures can interact together and they will help you to get better at fighting.

Yes there is fighting in this game but no blood and such appears on the screen.   It is defence fighting and combat training at times. Obviously to become an hero, you need to know how to defend yourself and how to fight.  


Personally I find the creatures a little bit weird but the imagination of the creators is truly fantastic.   There was a lot of creative juice poured on this programming.    I’m a quite certain that the younger generation loves this kind of quest.    I can see my boys playing with this Wii game and have quite some laugh with it.  

SPORE Hero is available on the Wii only.

You can visit the SPORE Hero official site at

SPORE Hero is rated Everyone 10+ for crude humor and mild cartoon violence.

This review was possible because I received a copy of SPORE Hero (Wii) from EA Games.

SPORE Hero (Wii) is available everywhere even at


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