Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Little Man In The Map Teaches The State Capitals!

capitals_Lg The Little Man In The Map Teaches The State Capitals!
Written by E. Andrew Martonyi
Published at Schoolside Press

About the book

Following the success of The Little man In the Map: With Clues to Remember All 50 States, this companion volume teaches the state capitals using the same visual and poetic mnemonic technique.   Young people have fun learning the state capitals, and do so quickly!

Who is E. Andrew Martonyi?

E. Andrew Martonyi’s affinity for travel, his contact search for new things to see, and his granddaughter’s fascination with his trips inspired him to study the U.S. map from a new angle.  What he discovered he shared in his award-winning book, The Little Man In the Map: With Clues to Remember All 50 States, and continues with his newest book that teaches the U.S. capitals.

Au author, public speaker, trainer, and businessman, Andrew has toured the world giving seminars to thousands of people.  His journeys began early in his youth when his family crossed the Atlantic to land at Ellis Island.   As a young man, he drove across the U.S., and the Tocky Mountains, the deserts, and the Pacific Ocean made him fall in love with the West.    He lives in California with his wife, Irma, who shares his love of travel and exploration.

My Thoughts

This is a cute little book to enhance the knowledge and learn the states capitals.    Honestly, I wish something similar would be available for Canada.   It is fun to read and easy to learn.   Let’s not forget the funny drawings that comes with the sentence to learn.   Kids will have a blast learning U.S. geography with this book.

My oldest sons were excited to see another book from the Little Man In The Map arriving to our house.   They loved going through the first book even though the U.S. is not our country.  But I find that learning more about our neighbour is important especially when we travel there so often. 

This past spring, we went to visit Boston in Massachusetts.   So to remember that Boston is the capital of Massachusetts, here’s what the child would learn:

"A mass of chewers (Massachusetts) ate and won, consuming baked beans by the ton (Boston).”

I find that fun and silliness can sometimes ignite a sparks in the memory and help a child to recall and remember the information later on.  In a way this book is multi-learning has is uses the visual with the images, the repetition with the saying part of the learning process and the fact that the child can easily linked the image with the sentence.    I would also include the writing part by making the child write one or two times the full clue.   I find that writing also helps to remember something easily afterward.

In conclusion, I would recommend this little book to my friends in the U.S.   As for Canadians, well if you have an interest for our the U.S. or if you have links in any shape or form with the U.S. (family, business or other), I think this book would be a great addition in your bookshelf.  

This review was possible because I received a copy of The Little Man In The Map Teaches The State Capitals! from Schoolside Press.

The Little Man In The Map Teaches The State Capitals! is available everywhere even at

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