Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Clever Dragons–a site for boys only!

There is one thing I am certain these days…. my boys TOTALLY love the Clever Dragons site.   And to be honest, mom agrees with them.

What is Clever Dragons?   A few weeks ago, I have blogged about the easy process to register and setting up an account with this website.    Essentially, Clever Dragons is a learn and play platform for young boys. 

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Every single day, my boys ask permission to be able to go on the site and learn more about the world, music, mathematics, writing, history and geography as well as the Bible.   Through games the child is set to learn whether he likes it or not.    My boys love to play with the geographic games as well as the one about identifying the parts of the human body.   

With their Grade Bar as I call it, you can select the games specific to a level from grades K to 8th.    The boys can also “purchase furniture and decorations to enhance their rooms as well as get eggs that will hatched in some sort of animal that they need to care for.

What I particularly like about the Clever Dragons site is that I can set up our account to either allow or restrict the “social media” part of it.    Right now, our account is limited since I have not activated the social media allowing the boys to interact with others on the site.   Other parents would choose to let them use it but we have mixed feelings about it.   So having this flexibility for us is a bonus.

My husband has organized our living room with a computer plugged on the big screen television.  So when the kids play on the internet, I know exactly what they are doing and I can check the quality of the website at the same time.      I am very impressed with the Clever Dragons website and I am pleased to say that this site is an absolute must for any homeschoolers!   Every time he see the boys playing with the Clever Dragons site, he is impressed with the quality of the games and how they are learning.



Not only your son will learn quite a bit using this website, but you can be guaranteed that the educational content will also be of higher quality.    Clever Dragons offers drills in core academic subjects while promoting a safe environment for children of all ages.    Parents also have the flexibility to choose to incorporate Christian education content if they select this option for the account.  

The whole process of learning via education games will also provide motivation by allowing the child to accumulate gold coins so that he can purchase things as well as provide awards for the efforts he has done during the games.  

With the quality of the games, the safety and the flexibility to set up the account the way you want it as well as the fact that the site is always adding new challenges for the boys, this website is perfect for homeschooling!  It is a great way to let your son explore and learn while having fun.

Wondering what the price can be?    Here’s the details…  A monthly subscription will cost you 5.95$ per month with the first month being 99 cents. A two months membership is 11.90$ while an annual membership is 47.40$ per year for a price of 3.95 per month.    Finally, the lifetime membership is 119$.     According to the website, a lifetime membership for an entire family for $259 is suppose to come soon as well.

There is also a site for girls called Always Ice Cream.   I know a little girl who is looking forward to be able to access it when she turns five in December.    For the meantime she observe her brothers playing with the Clever Dragons website.

Disclaimer: I have received a lifetime membership to Clever Dragons as a member of the Always Clever Blogging team. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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