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The Lion and the Mouse

2-18-2012 7-27-25 AMThe Lion and the Mouse
From Smartoonz and Tabtale

About the app

The Lion and The Mouse interactive book, is based on the successful TV children show "Little Fables" that’s broadcasted worldwide in more than 50 territories, illustrated in black and white shadow puppetry animation with original beautiful soundtrack of world music.   This fable, tells the story of the small helping the BIG. watch the famous fable come to life like never before with fabulous interactive activities your children are sure to enjoy!

This Thrilling App includes:
★ Meet the Lion for the first time and hear him roar - interactive activity
★ Help the mouse gather food & climb on a big “Rock” - interactive activity
★ Help the Lion lend a hand to the little mouse - interactive activity
★ Watch how the Lion gets trapped in a thicket of vines - interactive activity
★ Send the Mouse to help the Lion - interactive activity

My Thoughts

At first I wasn’t too sure about the images in this story were mostly black.   But after I watched the story and ponder on it, I see the tremendous advantage of not putting too much colors in it.   Why?  Because it helps the child to concentrate on the moral hidden in the story.  

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The app possess a rich narrative on every page of the story.    Three options are available on this app.   The Read to Me will let the app read automatically the pages to your child.   The Auto Play will read the entire story to the child without waiting for him/her to turn the pages.   Finally, you also have the possibility to record the narration of the story yourself for your child.   What a great way to personalize the story!   This could be done when the child goes to a sleep over at the grandparents or if one of the parent are going away for a business trip!

The app also contains numerous engaging and fun animations which will entertain the child after listening to one page.    Sounds effects are also included on the soundtrack.

This app is perfect to keep your child busy while waiting in line at the bank or in the doctor’s office.   I particularly like the fact that there is a moral to the story and hope that more fables will find their way on the iPad.

Available for purchase for the price of 99 cents on iTunes.    *** Special Discount - For a limited time only ***

Disclaimer: Thanks to Smartoonz and Tabtale for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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