Thursday, March 1, 2012

Star Wars Star Pilot

9780756611613HStar Wars Star Pilot  Level 3 Reading Alone
From DK Canada

About the book

Star Pilot features a lively, fact-packed narrative about the spaceships and vehicles of Star Wars.
Thrilling tales from the world of Star Wars for young readers – and great introductions to the new movie. A lively, age appropriate text encourages young readers to imagine they are characters in the film, struggling between the forces of good and evil!

My Thoughts

The DK readers are interesting book for kids who are learning to read.   They have their own levels of reading abilities and the child can easily move through the levels at his/her own pace.    The Pre-Level 1 are generally recommended for those who are learning to read.   Once the child is able to read, he/she could go to the level 1 or 2 depending on how independent the reading is.    Once this is mastered, Level 3 is for kids able to read by themselves and level 4 are for proficient readers.    As you advance in the levels, there will be more text on the subject of the book as well as more complicated words to read and learn.

The Star Wars Star Pilot book is about all the different vessels found in the popular movies and cartoons series of Star Wars.   My kids being huge fan of everything Star Wars related, I know that this book will be well read.   In this book, the child will be able to read more about the Droid Control Ship, the Naboo Royal Starship, the podracers, the Naboo Royal N-1 starfighters, the Slave I, the Republic gunships, the Jedi starfighters, the Trade Federation’s flagship Invisible Hand, the escape pods, the Imperial shuttles, the fighters, the Millennium Falcon, the x-wing starfighters, as well as the Super Star Destroyer.

The book is packed with interesting information as well as numerous photos and pictures.   If you have a child who eat, dream and enjoy everything that is Star Wars related, this book is definitively for him/her.    It will provide tons of information on well-known ships seen in Star Wars.

Star Wars Star Pilot Level 3 Reader from DK is available at your favorite bookstore, even

Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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