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Do You Dare to Dizzy

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Do you Dare to Dizzy?

Wondering what I am talking about?  Well, Hasbro Canada has new additions to the FurReal Friends Family – Introducing the Dizzy Dancers!




Hasbro Canada has new products in stores and your little girl will absolutely love it!

890046885056900B10B1FDC4BBC89D08FURREAL Friends Dizzy Dancers – Dizzy Twirlin’ Dance Studio Playset

Your adorable DIZZY DANCERS pet twirls all around her own special dance studio! Put the pet on the base, then insert and pull out the DIZZY CORD accessory to GET THE DIZZY STARTED™!

CAUTION: Hair entanglement may result if child’s hair comes in contact with moving parts of toy. Adult supervision is required. Pet comes with DIZZY TWIRLIN’ DANCE STUDIO, DIZZY TWIRLIN’ BASE™, DIZZY CORD, Spin Cone, Dance Rail, TWISTIN’ TRICKS CARD™ and stickers. 

F023CA055056900B1054733E6AD01591Furreal Friends Dizzy Dancers Twirlicious Collection – Lulablu

GET THE DIZZY STARTED with this adorable, twirling, spinning bunny pet! Your LULABLU pet has a funny face and a cute tuft of fur on top of her head, and it’s easy to make her spin and twirl all over! Just attach your pet to the included DIZZY TWIRLIN’ BASE, insert the included DIZZY CORD accessory and pull it out quickly, and then watch as your funny pet starts to twirl and swirl! The faster you pull out the DIZZY CORD accessory, the faster your LULABLU pet whizzes around! Pet comes with DIZZY TWIRLIN’ BASE, TWISTIN’ TRICKS CARD and DIZZY CORD accessory. DD-110 LULABLU Bunny Ages 4 and up.

My Thoughts

Okay.  I will admit.   I think I absolutely adore the Dizzy Dancers.  

When I looked at the Furreal Friends Dizzy Dancers – Dizzy Twirling’ Dance Studio Playset, I suddenly realized which character was included in the box – Lady McBugsy – which is a ladybug.   Totally adorable.  Both my girl and I are ladybug fans in this house.   

When my husband, my oldest son and I saw this at first, we immediately thought it was a girl version of the famous Beyblades.   It works the same way though I am unsure how it could sustain the ferocious attacks of a Beyblade if the kids decide to test it.

The Dizzy Twirlin’ Dance Studio Playset is made of sturdy plastic and includes a spin cone, a dance rail, dance floor, a ramp, and grooves for the Dizzy Dancers to spin and dance around.    You will also find stickers in the box to decorate your dance studio.


I tested Lulablu and it works the same way as the Beyblades.  The child only has to inset the Dizzy cord in the Dizzy Dancer, Zip (or pull) and let it spin.   It is incredibly stable and will spin on small objects or large surface.


The child also has the possibility to mix and match the Dizzy Dancers to create new combination of colors.   The bottom part can be separated from the top part.   In each package you will also find a cool move on a Twistin’ Tricks cards.   Other moves can also be watched on the Dizzy Dancers website.

I think it is an interesting toy for little girls who watch their brothers play with Beyblades.   My girl doesn’t hesitate to join them to play with theirs but not all little girls are similar to her.    This is definitively a good product similar to an already popular toy.    

The Dizzy Dancers and the Dizzy Twirlin’ Dance Studio Playset can be purchased at your favorite toy store.  You can buy the Dizzy Dancers in two packs or one pack.   There are more than fifteen Dizzy Dancers on the market right now.    Personally, I prefer the Lady McBugsy and think this little one will find it’s way with my other “ladybug” items I have.   *grin*    Just kidding – I will gladly let my daughter play with it and enjoy her own little dancing ladybug.


Disclaimer: Thanks to Hasbro Canada for sending me the above mentioned products for review purposes and for the giveaway . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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