Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ketchup Packets Anyone?


What is the big idea behind the smallness of the Ketchup packets?

For years now, when we request Ketchup at fast food or regular restaurant, we are often served with this little package on the right.   Do you know how many of these we need for a family of six who eats french fries?   Numerous…

So imagine my surprise when my husband and I went to A&W last week and requested ketchup for our fries.   We received these GIGANTIC ketchup package which contains as much ketchup as three or four of the small ones!


I was impressed…

Why haven’t other companies jump on this bandwagon of big ketchup packets?

See the difference in size with both together.


Two days ago, while visiting a new restaurant in my area, I saw that they also had the big ketchup packet from Heinz.   Yeah for them!  Though it is beyond my comprehension why someone would put ketchup in a poutine but that’s another story…

I applause the initiative of fast food restaurants of using big ketchup packets.   I think it put less plastic in the garbage and you get more ketchup our of these….

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