Saturday, July 31, 2010

TOS Crew Blog Walk – Week 7




This is week seven of the blog walking of the members of the TOS Homeschool Crew.

1. Closing Time

Erin is the author of this blog and she is the mom of two little girls whom she homeschools,   She has just celebrated her 10th anniversary and her birthday within the past week.    She also participate to Tuesdays Unwrapped – celebrating the small things and she wrote a cute entry on tiny nachos back in early June.  It reminded me that my own kids react that way sometimes…

2. One Blessed Mamma

Amy is the mom of 4 kids.   In her blog she shares what is happening in their family life.    The entry I particularly liked was the one about free food at Chick-Fil-A.   I’m not sure I would be willing to go for this but I must admit I wore a crazy hat once to go to Michael’s and got a wonderful baking rack for free.   WoW!   I was impressed because this is not a small rack I got.   So way to go for you family Amy – Free food is always nice to get!

3. El Cloud Homeschool: Busy Minds, Busy Hands, Busy Feet

April is the author of this blog.   She is a mom of seven kids and loves to scrapbook in her spare time.   She also shares the lessons she learned about homeschooling which I find very true.  On her blog not only will you read reviews but also life in her family like moving her mother-in-law and tidbits on how a week is going.    Get to know her better by discovering who she is via her blog!

4. Alive in Spirit

Barbara is the author behind this blog.   She gives a little glimpse in her life with two girls.   Recently she wrote an entry about quietness before the storm.   Aren’t we all there sometimes in life…    Either we know it or not – storms are brewing.    We can be prepared by trusting God.   Great reminder Barbara.  

5. Ozark Rumblings

BethBray is the writer of this blog.    Recently she shared about a VBS her son attended and I must admit this is one cool VBS.   It looked fun and very instructive to me.   A perfect combination for learning don’t you think?  Her blog also have reviews and homeschool entries.   

6. Army of 5

Chris is a mom of three kids and also a part time veterinarian.   WoW!   I always wanted to be a veterinarian but never completed that dream.    To think that she also reviews for the Crew as well as for publishers is incredible.   Here and there she post wonderful pictures – I saw cute picture of a horse and a duckling…   

7. Fenced In Family

Cindy is the author of this blog and recently launched a new business venture with her husband called A Homemade Heritage.    They are planning to sell homemade items like candles, lye soap, glycerin soap, laundry soap kits, bath crystal, crocheted pot holders, dishcloths and hair scrunchies.     I love it when creativity are part of an entreprise.  I hope that God will bless them in this new adventure…   If I go to West Virginia – I’ll make sure to look at fairs and purchase a few things.    The Garden Friends glycerin soap are very cute!

8. Debbie's Digest

Debbie is a mom of four kids ranging from 13 to 24 years old.   She participates to the Wordless Wednesday as well as the 365 project which gives a glimpse of the life of the author throughout the year.    I love this project but I learned about it later this year so I am keeping an eye open for next year.    That should be fun.   Recently, Debbie was able to add more books to the family library when she went to a surplus store and got 45 books for 10 cents each!!!  And in there you can find fabulous fun books too!   *sigh*   I wish this kind of store would be available here…  

9. Footprints in the Butter

Debra is a mom and homeschooler who also write reviews.    I think it is fun to see the same books that I have reviewed as well.   Debra also shares about her participation on the Bible in 90 days challenge.   

10. Got Chai?

Denise is a homeschooling mom of three.  Not only does she reviews but she works as well as the Media Relations Liaison for Vala Dancewear/Class Act Tutu and direct the Children’s Ministry at her church.   While looking her blog I’ve discovered that there is a new website dedicated to mommies using the Wii Fit to get in shape.   I used the Wii Fit to loose some weight last year and I know I need to get back on it… maybe this will encourage me to get back in shape.   Thanks for sharing the Wii Mommies site!  

See you all at the next blog walk!


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