Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TOS Crew Blog Walk – Week 6

Here’s the time for the weekly blog walk among the participants of the TOS Crew.

1. Deanna’s Corner

As the title of this blog suggest, Deanna is the author of it.  She has been blogging since 2007 and has done reviews before.  On her blog she also shares coupons, part of their life and more.   She has written an interesting post on commercials and TV.    The junk that we found now on TV lead us to decide to remove the cable and choose the shows our kids would watch.  The money we save on cable and such permits us to get DVDs which are appropriate to our children’s ages.  Besides, we also avoid the whole commercials issue.   I like reading her thoughts about it.

2. Light, Liberty, and Learning

Denise is the mom of four kids who has started her blog this year. She shares a little bit of their homeschool journey, photography and more.   This month she shared about making a chocolate chip scones which look totally yummy to me.   I love chocolate, I love scones… looks like a perfect recipe for me to try!  Thanks for sharing it.

3. Bunny Trails

Dianne is a recovering Dr Pepper addict and mom of two teenage boys.   She is also an amateur photography enthusiast (nice to meet another one) as well as a Scrabble junkie.  I love her pictures that she post for every wordless wednesday.    Beautiful work!

4. Flowers N Plaid Homeschool

Donna is a mom of 6 who homeschool the three youngest kids in the house.  And to top it off, she lives in Australia a country that I would like so much to visit one day.  Don’t ask me why but I’ve dreamed of this since – FOREVER!   She has an entry that is a good reminder for everyone who have a family – the importance to have a will and affairs in order if something happen to you.   

5. Gadow Ohana

Doreen is the author of this blog.  She is also new on the blogosphere and seems eager to embark on our adventure of reviewing homeschool products.   As she said it “As I dip my toe into this new adventure of doing curriculum reviews for the Old Schoolhouse Magazine, my head is spinning both with confusion and excitement.”   Take your time to learn the blog world, Doreen.   You will have more than the toe dipped soon….  *grin*

6. His Wonderful Works

Elinette is the mom of three kids – 2 boys and a girl who  like me never thought she could homeschool.  She has two interesting entries on travelling games.   Being a family who travels with our RV, I am always open to find new opportunity to entertain the kids on the road.  Thanks for sharing these games!

7. Expand

Elizabeth is a mum of two kids and is a new blogger in the blogosphere.  She loves Starbuck and is looking forward to discover the products aligned for the upcoming reviews.  Welcome aboard Elizabeth!

8. Confessions of a Homeschooler

Erica has tons of fun activities to do with little ones.   I particularly liked the Rainbow Eraser Painting because I have the exact same book in French.   What a neat idea to mix a story and art together.    I’m going to use some of her ideas I think (I also have some Rainbow fish books at home and I love her craft….  very creative!).  I also enjoyed her entry on making strawberry jam because it reminded me of our first experience of doing so ourselves earlier in June. 

9. The Sojourner

Erica likes good deals and I TOTALLY understands her.   On her blog, she lists the specials in the various grocery stores around her place – which is very interesting.  From the specials going on I wish I would live in her area.   I tip my hat for her to take the time to list such good deals on her site.    

10. A Full Heart

Erin is the mom of 5 boys and believe me when I say she must have her hands full…   From her heart you will discover her family, their homeschool and whatever happens in their life.    I smile when I saw the Wordless Wednesday entry she had recently – boys are indeed monkeys don’t they?    LOL  It reminded me of my oldest son climbing the walls near the living room and declare himself to be Spider-man.   

Next walk will be next week!

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  1. Hey Canadianladybug, this is such a great job on the blog walk. Thanks for making it more meaningful.