Friday, July 9, 2010

TOS Crew Blog Walking – Week 5


This is week five of the blog walking of the members of the TOS Homeschool Crew.

1. Buckaroo Days

Cheryl is the author of this blog.  This is a fresh new blog that the author will be filling up with interesting reviews during the new voyage of the Crew.   She also shares about the adventures her family is doing like this trip in Washington.    One day I want to visit the capital of the US.

2. Our Homeschool Reviews

This mom homeschool her daughter and will bring her to experience a variety of activities like the bird feeding.   This is so fun – we have done that with our kids last year and they enjoyed it so much – especially Dominic my animal lover child.   Other interesting entries are the Thirfty Thursdays which will give you free products to check out during that week.     For example, McDonald’s in the US is giving away a free 5 oz smoothie from July 22-24th from 7am to 7pm.   Yum!   Makes me want to move on the other side of the border now…

3. Reed, Party of 6

I love the heading of this blog.   Very personal.   Very fun to look at.   This homeschooler has 4 kids like me – except they are a little bit older.    She does a weekly wrap-up of the events that happened in her family – which I find totally interesting.   I also loved her entry titled “If you can’t beat it, Play in it!!!!”  - it is totally a thing my husband would do with the kids… LOL

4. Training Hearts at Home

Christy is the author of this blog and she is the mom of four beautiful children.  In her blog she shares her project to created quilts for a husband and his daughters who have lost their mom/wife to cancer.   What a wonderful project to do and to show love to a family who went through a lot.    Bless her heart for doing something like that.

5. Along The Way

Cindy is the author of this blog and I must admit that I love the owls on the top of her blog.   (but I am biased since I am a bird lover…!).  She is also part of my mini-crew – The Bluenose mini-crew.    Her recipe of Zucchini Pizza Bites looks delicious and very tasty.   Perfect snack for everyone don’t you think?  She is the mom of two wonderful kids and creates fun activities for them to do.  (she is giving ideas as well….!).

6. I Love Science!

This is Cindy’s blog and she is new in the blogosphere.   She has been homeschooling for 16 years now and loves to organize field trips.   

7. Through the Calm and Through the Storm

Cristi is the writer behind this blog.    She shares events that her family experiences like a trip in Assateague Island (Don’t ask me where it is but I like the name of it…) as well as fun pictures while she participates to Wordless Wednesday. 

8. Created for Home

Crissyanna is the author behind this blog.   She is currently in the process of moving the blog from Blogger to Word Press.      Her husband also has also took the time to give a new look to her blog.   

9. Tractors and Tire Swings

This mom of two boys have an interesting title for her blog.   I like the tire swing that is picture in the header.  (If this in your front yard?).  She had the heartache to see her middle child died after one hour on this earth.   HUGS!  I also loves the pictures of her two sons in the snow.   Beautiful!

10. Guiding Light Homeschool

In the first blog entry I’ve read, I discover how to make a rabbit carrier in a step-by-step process.   Very interesting.  She also created a mem titled “Walking With Jesus” which I find quite interesting.   It is a good reminder to ponder on what Jesus is doing in our life and tell the world about it.   Wonderful Idea!

And now week 5 of the blog walking is complete.   There are more blog walks coming – I promise…

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