Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Imagine That

ImagineThat Imagine That – Discovering Your Unique Role as a Christian Artist
Written by Manuel Luz
Published at Moody Publishers

About the book

Why are we artists? How does God experience art? What is the artist's calling in the church and the world? Drawn from his own experiences performing Mozart, playing "dive bars," and leading worship and arts in the church, author Manuel Luz explores the questions that Christian artists often ask. His thought-provoking journey through the convergence of art and faith will draw artists closer to the One they imitate, knowingly or unknowingly, in every creative endeavor.

Who is Manuel Luz?

A rock musician-turned rocket engineer-turned Christian artist, Manuel Luz has been the creative arts pastor at Oak Hills Church in Folsom, California, for 17 years. He is also a working musician who has contributed to nearly 50 albums. Manuel and his wife, Debbie, live in El Dorado Hills, California, with their four children.

My Thoughts

Where does our creativity comes from?  None and other that the Creator himself i.e. God.

This book is helpful for any Christian Artist to discover their unique role and how to expand their creativity.  I am not an artist per say but I love to doodle or draw at times.   When I requested this book, we were planting a church where people could draw and express their creativity on paper and by dancing on electronic music.   Unfortunately, various things happened that forced us to close the doors.   At this time being, we don’t know what God is doing and if it will re-open in the future.

That’s partly why this review has been delayed.  Too many things going on and hurts to deal with.

But this book is good for anyone who is an artist and who is exploring arts to live out their faith.    I enjoyed reading it because it touched the part of my soul who wants to express itself in a different way.   When I was in high school, I used to be part of plays.   I also was part of the orchestra of the school and played the clarinet.   I never thought of drawing as a way of expression for me but in the recent years I have explored, experiment and enjoyed this form of art.   I’m not professional but when the Spirit guided me I have created interesting drawings.

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I particularly enjoyed reading the chapter titled Art and Faith.  For me, art is more spiritual as I have a tendency to doodle when I am at church on things I am hearing.   Some people might be offended about it – just like others would be offended in me moving to the music (especially in a church where most people don’t move at all).  But for me it is a form of worship.   And when the Spirit is inspiring me to create something, who am I to resist Him?   Honestly, I wonder why I don’t bring my color pencils with me more often…

At the end of each chapter, not only you will find a summary of it but there is also discussion questions that will encourage you and other fellow artists to ponder on what you have read.

Did I picked your curiosity about this book?  If so, please read an excerpt of the book here.

You can access more interesting information about the book on http://imaginethatluz.com/.

This review was possible because I received a copy of Imagine That from Moody Publishers.

Imagine That is available everywhere even at amazon.ca.

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