Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cranium Scribblish


The hilarious scribbling game of "How did THIS become THAT?"

Grab your pencils and get ready to giggle.  Everyone chooses a caption and draws a picture.  You all then take turns adding drawings or captions.  At the end can you guess which picture was yours when you started? Which one is funniest? Vote for your favorite to win!

CRANIUM SCRIBBLISH includes six scrolls, 60 cards, timer, pad, die, tokens and instructions.   Includes 2 "cell" batteries.

Game play approximately 20 minutes. For 4-6 players  Ages 8 and up.

My Thoughts

You probably know Cranium and Pictionary.   Well here’s a new game based on drawing and the telephone game.   Yes that game where you say something in the hear of someone and it goes around a group of people… the same one that will end up not being what you said at the beginning.

Scribblish is a different kind of game.   You start with a card and pick one of the three captions.   Then you draw something based on that caption and include the caption at the top.

Once the timer tell you to stop, you will have to roll back your paper and roll the dice to pass the purple paper holder to someone else.   When the paper is finished with all the drawing based on the previous ones, you need to guess which last image is based on your first one.CRANIUM SCRIBBLISH

I think it is an hilarious game.    I suspect that laughter will enter the homes of whoever buys this ingenious game.   Honestly I wonder how the people at Cranium gets their ideas for creating the numerous games they have.   Every single one of them are different and out-of-the-ordinary.

My only disappointment would be that I find there isn’t enough cards in the game.   There are 60 cards with three  captions on each.  Okay so that makes over 180 captions I know.  But to keep the game fun and exciting, I like to have more choices.    Honestly, when you look are where the cards are located in the box, there could be easily another 40 cards to be included.   Also, it would be nice to be able to get more Scribblish drawing pads…

Nevertheless, I can see hours of fun time with family and friends while playing this game.   It is different than the other drawing game we already know.  And be prepare to be stretched out of your comfort zone in the drawing department… LOL

Scribblish is available at your favourite toy store.   Look for the purple box in the board game section!

Disclaimer: Thanks to Hasbro Canada for sending me the featured product for review purpose. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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