Thursday, December 2, 2010

Exploring the World of Physics

exploring-physicsExploring the World of Physics – From Simple Machines to Nuclear Energy
Written by John Hudson Tiner
Published at MasterBooks

About the book

Physics is a branch of science that many people consider to be too complicated to understand. In this exciting addition to the “Exploring” series, John Hudson Tiner puts this myth to rest as he explains the fascinating world of physics in a way that students from elementary to high school can comprehend.

Did you know that a feather and a lump of lead will fall at the same rate in a vacuum? Learn about the history of physics from Aristotle to Galileo to Isaac Newton to the latest advances. Discover how the laws of motion and gravity affect everything from the normal activities of everyday life to launching rockets into space. Learn about the effects of inertia firsthand during fun and informative experiments.

Exploring the World of Physics is a great tool for students of all ages who want to have a deeper understanding of the important and interesting ways that physics affects our lives and is complete with illustrations, chapter questions, and an index.

My Thoughts

Physics.   Another dreadful subject for homeschoolers.   For me it bring twisted stomach as I remember my high school years and think about the struggles I had while learning it.

Nevertheless, I am motivated to introduce my kids to Physics and when I go t the opportunity of reviewing this book, I jumped on it. Each chapter covers a specific aspects of Physics, motion, gravity, energy, heat, matter, wave, light, electricity, magnetism,electromagnetism, nuclear energy and more.

Each chapter gives the history behind the theme as well as major scientist who studied it.   Also, you will find some interesting experiments to explore with your kids.  At the beginning of the chapters, you can read some questions that you can try to answer while reading it.   At the end of the chapter, you get the answers of the questions asked previously.  

Also included for each chapter are a series of questions to test the understanding of your child after he/she went through the reading.   There are also problems to be resolved.   The answers to these review questions are included at the very end of the book.

The book has been written for middle school.    I am more at peace to introduce Physics in our homeschool in the future knowing that I have a great book to guide me.    From what I have seen in this book, I wouldn’t be surprise to discover that I enjoy Physics after all.   

Exploring the World of Physics is available at a bookstore near you even

Disclaimer: I was given the book from New Leaf Publishing Group/MasterBooks for review purpose. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the sponsor in any way.  All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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