Thursday, December 16, 2010


After seeking new companies for opportunities to review their products, I got a positive answer from Imports Dragon.  I have received in fact a variety of products from this toy distributor as well as giveaways.

The first two items from Imports Dragon that I would like to present you are the DWINK and DRIPSTICK which can become handy for any families travelling on the road throughout the year.


DWINK is essentially a plastic container which will allow your child to hold a juice box without squishing it too much.   This will avoid having a mess in your car when you travel.    I know first hand how a juice box can be hold too thigh by little hands and how disappointing (and sometimes stressfull) it can be to have juice pouring on the seat/clothes of a young one.    When we travel with our RV, sometimes we are called to  eat our lunch as we drive.  This permits us to save some time when we are driving to our campsite.   However, having an eager little one grab her juice box and getting her shorts wet because the juice went up too fast is not fun – especially when she cries.    DWINK will come to the rescue next RV season as I am planning to put these useful containers in our truck.36744-2145-large

The other item that I find very interesting is the DRIPSTIK.   This cute little item will allow you child to enjoy ice cream cones or frozen treats without worrying of the mess that could happen because the treat is melting and your child is not eating it as fast as you would wish.    The large sides will catch any dripping and will prevent having a mess anywhere you are – even in your car.   During summer time, we love to enjoy an ice cream cone from a popular restaurant.   Needless to say, to go there we need to take our vehicle.   And yes, we have experience the dripping of ice cream in the car seat and so on.    Should I say that even though cleaning is possible it is necessary to wash the belts on the car seat in the washer once in a while which translate in remove the car seat and re-installing it later when it is dry.    Not a fun job to do believe me.   If I could prevent doing that I would be an happy parent.   DRIPSTIK will prevent huge messes to happen and relieve the stress of stopping for ice cream while driving.  


Imports Dragons is giving one of my readers a DWINK and a DRIPSTICK. 

To get a chance to win these please tell me what kind food mess you had to deal with in the past in your vehicle.

Open to Canadians only!

Contest closes on December 21st.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Imports Dragon for sending me the featured products for review purpose. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way.  All opinions expressed here are only my own.


  1. One time, while driving in my dad's truck, we decided to stop for ice cream. We gave April her baby cone and boy did we have ice cream all over everything! We had to wash that car seat for sure!

  2. Forgot to add my email address

    trisha dot davis at gmail dot com

  3. Well, with four children, we have had both the ice cream messes and the juice box messes galore! Just this past summer we did the ice cream stop and the toddler ended up having it all over, and just as you say, they are not able to eat it nearly as fast as needed to prevent the dripping.
    julia dot driedger at gmail dot com

  4. We have banned food from the cars after having to deal with melted ice cream, exploding juice boxes, half eaten apples hidden under the seats and skittles smooshed into the carpet.


  5. The winner is edmontonJB.

    You have 24 hours to answer to my email!