Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Look Inside Volcano

9780756682279HLook Inside Volcano
From  DK Canada

About the book

Look Inside Volcano takes an exciting new look at eruptions and explosions and explains what volcanoes are, how they form, what leads them to erupt, and what happens during an eruption.

Packed with photos, bold graphics, engaging text, and acetate pages that allow readers to journey into the center of the Earth, stripping back the layers to reveal the inner workings of a volcano, Look Inside Volcano introduces young readers to different types of volcanoes, famous volcanoes from around the world, and volcanoes on other planets in an enjoyable and accessible format.

Our Thoughts

My boys seem to be fascinated with volcanoes.   Every time they can they would pick up a book and look at some volcanoes.  Look Inside Volcano was a blessing because this book explains thoroughly what a volcano is and how it works.   The topics inside this book are: What are volcanoes?, Where are volcanoes?, shapes and sizes, big buildup, blast off!, lots of lava, ashes, fire power, and more.   You will have over 30 flaps to open up to discover a new aspect of volcanoes and the middle of the book will pop-up while illustrating an eruption.IMG_1023

Some of the flaps inside this book is multi-layered so you can discover different types of volcanoes or what temperature you can find in the Earth.  I particularly loved the flap showing the before and after photos of Mount St. Helens as you can see the difference right away.  The book will give a good perspective of the destruction a volcano and the ashes can have on everything around it.   

Numerous pictures are included in this book – pictures of volcanoes, of the destruction done, of the gear used to study volcanoes, of the survival kit needed and much more.    Lifting flaps to discover more information helps to comprehend and discover more about volcanoes.   This book is a great way to explore without being too close to a real volcano.

Seriously though, if you have a child interested in geology and love volcanoes, this book would be a great addition for  your library.

Look Inside Volcano is available at your favorite bookstore even

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