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Recently I received an email from a company in my neighborhood which offer soymilk in a new innovative way.    Since I discovered soymilk can be beneficial for menopause women (yes I have entered this phase in my life since over a year ago which is quite early for my case as I am in my 40s), I am always willing to taste new products on the market.   So when I was offered to come and visit the place where the soymilk is made, I didn’t hesitate one second and decided to plan a field trip out of it.   

On November 11th, the whole family drove at the other end of the city to visit Prosoya which is the plant where the Aureeva soymilk is made.

We were able to see the equipment used for the soymilk production as well as learned more about the process involved.    The older kids were interested in it just because our family enjoys learning about how things are made.    Once we saw the equipment, my contact proceeded to present the different flavours they currently have – original and vanilla.   These two flavours are available at a grocery store near you.   But we were also privilege to taste the new flavours that will go on the market hopefully in 2012 – orange and strawberry smoothies.    Out of the flavours we tasted, the kids particularly liked the orange smoothie which they kept asking for more while we were there.

Soymilk is the perfect beverage for taste conscious/price conscious health conscious and lactose intolerant consumers in the Ottawa and Gatineau area.   It is high in calcium, lactose free, low in fat and contains no trans fat.   It is also an excellent source of Omega-3.  Aureeva 4L_Vanilla

Contrary to other soy beverage companies, the Aureeva soymilk is not sold in cardboard containers but instead in bags like the regular milk (yes dear readers from around the world, our milk is sold in bags in Canada…).   However, the bags for the Aureeva soymilk is non transparent and will help to extend the shelf life of the product.   

As I mentioned above, my kids loves the orange smoothie.  Unfortunately this specific product (as well as the strawberry one) is not available currently in store.  However, the original flavour and vanilla flavour can easily be found at numerous stores in the Ottawa area.  You can easily mixed you own chocolate syrup to add some taste to it.     I personally like the vanilla flavour as it has a bit more sweetness than the original one.    But different people would prefer the original flavour and that is perfect as well.

I was quite impressed with the quality of the product while we visited the place where the soymilk is made.   Everyone in the family enjoyed tasting it and gave their comments on it.   Generally speaking, the Aureeva soymilk has found a place of favor in our house.   Interestingly enough, my daughter – who had to take soymilk while she was younger due to a reaction to the milk protein in regular formula – was not keen in drinking much of it.    And as far as the strawberry smoothie is concerned my third son is the only one who loves it…   The rest of the family will drink it but we all find that it taste a bit too close to the Neapolitan ice cream which we don’t particularly enjoy. 

At this point in time, Aureeva is available at most of the YIGs and independent metro stores in Ottawa/Gatineau area.  I have learned from my contact that Loblaws and possibly Sobeys will also carry the products sometime in early 2012 (around March).  

Are you wondering about the price?   Well be at peace because I also learned while visiting Prosoya that the price attached to the 4 liters of soymilk is quite reasonable.    For a bag of 4 Liters, you will page 5.99$ which is very affordable when you think of the price that other soy beverage are sold in the size of 1.89 liters.   The purchase of Aureeva soymilk is definitively economical in the long run for families looking for lactose-free products.

Now that I have discovered this product, I am pleased to learned that it is available at the YIG in my area.    Looking forward to visit the store and find the Aureeva on the shelves!

Many thanks to Rashmi for giving us a tour and allowing us to taste the Aureeva products.

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  1. Did you know milk bags are a Canadian thing :)