Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Simon Flash

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From Hasbro Canada

About the game

Solve the puzzles. Rule the cubes! This high-tech twist on the legendary SIMON game will test your memory and logic skills. Revolutionary Wonder-Link™ technology lets the cubes know where you shuffle them, when you win, and what you scored.

Contents: 4 electronic cubes. game case, rules. quick-play cards.  1 or more players.

My Thoughts

Last year, Hasbro came out with a Scrabble Flash.  This year, they have put on the market two new Flash games – one of them is the Simon Flash.

Remember the game of Simon where you had to remember the colors flashing?   Well the idea is similar except that with Simon Flash you can play four different games with the cubes.  Each game can be selected by pressing a specific color at start-up.

The Simon Shuffle game will lit up the colors in a certain order then clear them up to bring them back mixed up.  Your challenge is to replace the cubes in the order it was presented initially.   The game will stop if you made an error.   As you play and solve the puzzle the game does speed up so keep435B4F035056900B10FFE2058333611F concentrate. 

The Simon Lights Off is a one of the new game with Simon Flash.   Shuffle the cubes and lined them up to discover which one or more will shut off its/their lights.   Each cube will have a light off position.  The goal is to line up all cubes to be in a lights off position.   This game will last 90 seconds before stopping.  The challenge is to do as many as you can until your 90 seconds is complete.

The Simon Secret Color game consists to line up the cubes so that all of them have the same color at the end.    At first it might seems easy but at some point the challenge is raised.   While I was playing this game, I was thinking how quick it would be to cover the two minutes assigned for it but then I hit a wall…  Let’s say I would have one yellow and three reds.   I would move the yellow and suddenly I would have two blues and two greens.  What?   Obviously I had not move the yellow properly but the cubes change color depending of their position.  The goal is to find the secret color and have the four cubes showing it.

Finally but not the least the Simon Classic is similar to the original Simon game from when I was younger. I must admit I never played the original game but this game is perfect to exercise your memory. The brain needs a constant training so that your memory can be strong at any time in your life.  The challenge in this game is to correctly repeat a long and longer sequence of colors.  For this specific game, you don’t have to move the cubes and they can rest in the case provided.  This will permit you to have more control as the cubes won’t move on the surface.  Each time that you repeat a sequence properly, the game will add a new color and will speed up as well.  The game will continue until you make an error.   This specific game can be played with 2 and 4 players as well.  

Now about where you should set up to play this game…   The first time I took the game out, I tried to play while I was sitting on my bed.   Yeah right!   It didn’t worked…   I was trying to figure out how the cubes worked and so on.   I decided I should watch a video on how to use them.    The next time I tried it I was sitting at the dining table and let me tell you it was night and day.   The two experiences were totally different.   I had fun discovering the Simon Flash and playing while my husband went to do an errand at Future Shop.

The case is fabulous to carry the cubes around.    This game is definitively a must for any family who have kids and camp during the summer.    It would be perfect for rainy days or down time.    You travel a lot?  Simon Flash is perfect to bring with you as it will keep you busy when you are not in a meeting.   It won’t take much place in your suitcase or the RV and it will bring some fun time alone or with your kids.

Simon Flash is available at your favorite toy store.

Disclaimer: I received the product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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