Monday, November 7, 2011

One Thousand Gifts–Week 22


221.  A doctor available when you call in the morning to see your child who isn’t himself.

222.  PINTEREST which encourages me to do new things…

223. An empty garage so we can park there and have no frost on our vehicles

224. The generosity of my oldest son who bought little things for his two Sparkies brothers for Christmas with his own Awana shares.

225. Making Challah breads with my oldest son.  I made one while he made the other one for his Awana gold assignment.

226. The flexibility that homeschooling permits me to have sometimes.

227. The companies I review for – they are such a blessings.

228. A self-Clean oven.

229. Dates with my love.

230. Tickets for the upcoming Love & Respect Conference.


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  1. Date nights! Yes! Such a necessity! blessings from Uganda!

  2. very nice post thank you for sharing...God bless you

  3. I enjoyed your list. Keep enjoying life!