Monday, November 21, 2011

One Thousand Gifts–Week 24


241. Touring the Police Headquarters of our city with my oldest son and other homeschoolers.IMG_1664_thumb1

242. A field trip at the dentist with a good report for all the kids and I.

243. The Love & Respect conference this past Friday and Saturday.

244. Getting together with family for the birthday party of my 3rd son.

245. Knowing that God is in control about everything in your life.

246. A wonderful husband

247. Making an angry bird cake for my son’s 6th birthday (which is on the 21st)

248. Friends who encourages you.

249. Knowing that in three weeks I will be done my Social Media certificate when I complete the two courses I am doing right now…. must persevere….

250. Trying new recipes…


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