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Audubon Fishes

imageAudubon Fishes
From Green Mountain Digital

About the App

Audubon Fishes is your essential mobile field guide app to the fish of North America. Now you can identify every species with thousands of professional color photographs, range maps, and authoritative information and more.

All guides feature professional color photographs, in-depth descriptions of each species, fast and easy navigation, state-of-the-art search functions, real time availability, lifelists, sightings and photo albums.

My Thoughts


Since his youth my husband has been fishing on and off…  but since we have children, he always bring them on the lake to fish at our campground.   The kids are looking forward for this special time with dad.   Once or twice during the fishing season, my husband will bring us on a bigger lake/river and we will fish as a family.

This year we were able to get a deal for a fishing trip and went for a day on the Ottawa River.    We learned more about fishing and discovered how to fish for different kind of fishes.

The Aubudon Fishes app helped me to identified some of the species we encountered.  

My son Dominic caught the first fish that day and though the guide told us it was called a Mooneye Fish, I couldn’t find it in the app.   So I used the search engine to discover which type of fish it was.  Based on the region where it was taken ( Eastern Canada), the color (silver) and the habitat (river), the result gave me 43 types of fishes.   In the midst of these names I saw the Goldeye fish where it is mentioned that it is similar to the Mooneye one.   But apart a mention of the Mooneye, I couldn’t find anything about the fish.   I wonder why because many sites about fishing in Ontario and in the Ottawa river mention the species.   Maybe it is known under a different name but when I searched for it’s scientific name, it didn’t came out either.  Here’s a picture of my son with it’s catch. 


Though I wasn’t able to find the Mooneye fish in the app, the app contains numerous other fishes that you can search for depending of the area where you are.   My husband was able to catch his first catfish ever that day and I was able to discover that it’s name is a Brown Bullhead or also known as a Speckled Catfish.     Apparently this fish is intolerant of polluted waters. 


The app allows you to browse by shape, by family or by name as well.   And there is even a section where you can learn more about fishes – the biology, classification, life history, orders and families, conservation, introducing fishes, which fish are dangerous and so on.

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So if you have avid fishermen in your family, getting the Audubon Fishes app would be a nice way to provide them an app which will help them to identify the species they encounter.   Though it doesn’t seem complete from our experience, the app is worth considering.    The price is 9.99$ and it can be purchased directly from iTunes.

Disclaimer: I received the app for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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