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About missiolife

A multi-generational approach to spiritual formation!

As leaders in the church, it’s challenging to equip people to be formed spiritually, to have the story of God become a practical reality and to actively become storytellers. MissioLife was created to do just that—to guide adults, youth and children on a pilgrimage through Scripture from understanding to participation in the mission of God.

One of the most unique features about MissioLife is that it is a digital resource. This means you can easily access and download the materials through the MissioLife website. From everything you need to lead a MissioLife group, to posters and other promotional materials, it’s never been easier to organize and lead a community-wide experience.

Essentially, MissioLife is a wonderful resource to will deepen you  passion about God and will help you to become more involved in what He wants you to do with your life.

What is MissioLife? from MissioLife on Vimeo.


MissioLife is divided into three learning groups: children, youth and adults. With the entire church community journeying through MissioLife together, families and multi-generational communities will be able to share in this formative experience.


Breathe is the MissioLife small-group resource for adults. Each week of Breathe has three components: a biblical reflection to equip the facilitator with a background of each week’s scripture passage, a facilitator’s guide to help guide discussion, and a participant’s guide to encourage interaction and reflection. At the end of each 6-week module there is a communal experience activity that is designed to be a hands-on practice to reinforce the message of that particular module.

One year of Breathe is divided into six-week modules. Each module is designed to take you through the story of God using the spiritual formation method explained here.

Each week of Breathe will explore a different scripture passage that both builds on the week prior and continues the spiritual formation journey. To begin each community discussion time, Breathe incorporates the same four questions each week.

What does this passage say about God?

About ourselves?

About others?

About the world?


Image is the MissioLife small-group resource for students, grade 7-12. We were each made in the image of God, which means we are already part of His story. Through conversation and discussion, Image will help students discover how we all fit into God’s story and explore what Scripture says about God, others, ourselves, and the world.

Like Breathe, both Image and Rhythms have three components and follows the six module per year format. All age groups will explore a different passage each week that builds on the week prior.


Rhythms is the MissioLife small group resource for children. God’s heartbeat is the rhythm of a child’s life. Rhythms invites elementary children, ages 6-12, into the story of God.

Using an easy-to-follow small group plan, Rhythms will help children explore a Bible story, be informed by the narrative, and be transformed through reflective questions, deeper thinking, and purposeful prayer to live into the mission of God.

Each week of Rhythms will explore a different scripture passage in four parts that both builds on the week prior and continues the spiritual formation journey.

Part 1: The Story. This is the narrative of the session’s Bible story.

Part 2: Teaching and Reflection. This section contains various activities, such as journaling and handouts, to help the children respond to and understand how God’s mission becomes their mission as followers. The students will explore what the Bible story had to say about God, ourselves, others, and the world.

Part 3: Deeper Still. This includes a variety of activities for children to respond, journal, use student handouts, and understand how God’s mission becomes their mission as His followers.

Part 4: Prayer. This will engage students in significant and focused time for conversation with God.

My Thoughts

To be honest, I am impressed with the quality of what I have seen so far.   I am also glad to see a small-group product that is touching multi-generations in a church.

Each week you get a in-depth biblical reflection to help you engage in the story of God as well as community discussions and a handout for each participants.  However, the Rhythm's resource for children ages 6-12 seems to be a little bit heavy for the younger ages in the group age.    Not all children are advance at the same level during those year.   I know because I have four kids myself ranging from 4 to 10 years old.   I find that my 6 and almost 8 years old boys will be overwhelmed with the curriculum found in this small group resource for children.  However, it is a great product for kids ages 10-12 to prepare them for a more in-depth study of the Bible when they will reach the youth group.

This unique journey for the whole church family is only available online.    Prices vary depending of the size of the church as well as what you purchase…  


As interesting as this multi-generation small-group product might be, I am disappointed that each available learning groups have to be paid separately.    If a small church decides to purchase the whole package for next year, they would have to pay 900$ in total (if they are anywhere between 0-25 members).    A small church doesn’t have a lot of flexibility in the funds it has sometimes and it is sad that if this product interest them, they won’t be able to afford it.

MissioLife is only available via the website -

Disclaimer: I received samples of the product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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