Friday, December 30, 2011

Common English Bible Giveaway

Common English Bible

Are you looking for a new bible to read in 2012?  If so how about considering the Common English Bible…

This Bible is the result of a collaboration of 120 academic scholars and editors, 77 reading group leaders, and more than 500 average readers from around the world who joined together to clearly translate the Bible’s original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek languages into 21st century English.

I received a Thinline DecoTone Tan/Brick Red CEB.  I love the smoothness of the cover, the size of the Bible and the fact I can carry everywhere I want to.    The CEB Thinline edition is highly portable yet easy to see with generous 9-point type and a convenient trim size that is also thinner than an inch.   It also includes full-color maps that are exclusive from National Geographic.

I have skimmed through it to see how the reading would go and I am quite impressed with the facility of understanding of the scriptures.    Even my husband looked at it and said that this Bible would be great for a new believer.    I personally think that it is perfect for a child as a first Bible.   

In our house, we have a tradition that is meaningful.  When a child is able to read by himself/herself, he/she has a date lunch with dad and receives a Bible.    My kids are looking forward to have their own Bible and it is nice to see them reading regularly from a young age.

My only disappointment with this Bible is that there is no concordance at the end.    Nevertheless, this translation is a jewel for someone who has just trusted in the Lord or for a young reader.

Have I picked your curiosity?   You can read passages of the CEB from their website or download the book of Genesis and the book of Luke

The Bible is available in softcover, DecoTone simulated leather, and bonded EcoLeather bindings.

The Common English Bible Thinline Tan/Brick Red DecoTone is available at your favorite bookstore, even


One of my readers will win softcover edition of the Common English Bible.

To participate to this giveaway, simply tell me who you intend to give the Bible too.  Leave your email address in the comment as I need it to contact you to get your mailing address.

Deadline is January 7th, 2012 as I will draw the winner using on January 8th.

Open to US and Canadian residents!


  1. I would actually like to keep this Bible myself. I would love to read this easy to understand version (probably easier to follow than KJV!).


  2. I would like to give this to my son


  3. Sounds great. My 6 yo daughter would love this. She's so keen on finding verses by herself now that she's learned so many at Awana.