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Family Game Night 4–The Game Show

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From EA Games

About the game

Your living room becomes the board and you are the controller in this larger than life experience.

Now you’re part of the action! In FAMILY GAME NIGHT 4: The Game Show, you can experience the fun and excitement of the popular TV show right in your own living room!

This time you’re playing with larger-than-life pieces in re-imagined versions of your favorite Hasbro games. CONNECT 4 Basketball is more fun than ever as you shoot hoops to get 4 balls in a row and YAHTZEE! Bowling puts a whole new spin on the popular dice game. You’ll also find fun new versions of SCRABBLE Flash, SORRY! Sliders, and BOP-IT Boptagon, and win MONOPOLY Crazy Cash, just like the game show! Play with friends and family and compete to prove your family is the best!

Our Thoughts

fgn4_logo_125I had the chance to review the Family Game Night 3 in the past and we thought it was very creative.   We knew that there are also the Family Game Night as well as Family Game Night 2 available on the market.     When I saw that a fourth one has come out on the market, I was curious.   I requested it and EA agreed to let me review it.  

So on my husband birthday, we decided to try out the Family Game Night 4 – The Game Show and discover what was in store for players on this Wii game.  As the title suggest it, the game is based on a family game show.   Only two controls can be used but that doesn’t stop you to create teams to play.   

Five games are included in this one;  Connect 4 Basketball, Yahtzee! Bowling, Scrabble Flash, Bop It Boptagon, and Sorry! Sliders.   Though one might wonder why putting a bowling game with Yahtzee, a basketball with Connect 4 as well as a curling game with Sorry! Sliders, you can’t stop and wonder at the creativity of the programmers behind the game.    The winning team for each games gets a Monopoly Crazy Cash card that you will use at the end to discover how much money you won.



The host of the game show is Mr. Potato himself and his costumes for each game are very creative…

Apart from the creativity behind this game, we found that the game was somewhat slow to load and that the controls were difficult to manipulate.    My husband was less than impressed with it.    To make sure that the controls were working properly, he went to get another game to play with.  Everything was working fine with the other game.  So we have to assume that the response time of the game with the controls is not as great as other games we have.

This game is original but it was disappointing to have to wait numerous time for the game to change from one game to the other as though you were in a family game show.    When Mr. Potato Head removes the bowling ball in the Yahtzee! bowling it was slow and repetitive.   I think it would have been more fun and entertaining if he would do something different each time you remove the bowling ball.   My husband had much troubles with the Connect 4 basketball because of the slow response of the controls…   Seeing that this is the fourth installment of the Family Game Night games, I am partly wondering if they released this one a little bit too fast…

Thought I must admit that this game is family friendly.  You won’t have to worry much when your kids play with it…    It is clean and very colorful.  And to top it off, it brings to life popular games from Hasbro.   I personally love the Connect 4 Basketball and the Sorry! Sliders with the curling theme.    

The Family Night 4 – The Game Show is available for purchase at your favorite store, even

Disclaimer: I received the product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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