Friday, December 9, 2011

Tractor Mac Builds a Barn

Builds512-300x300Tractor Mac Builds a Barn
From PicPocket Books

About the app

Join the adventures of Tractor Mac and his friends as they work and play at Farmer Bill’s Stony Meadow Farm. Tractor Mac has many friends, including Sibley the workhorse, Margot the cow, Fetch the dog and Sam the ram who all help Tractor Mac learn about friendship, teamwork, the joy of winning, and how to lose gracefully. In this story, Tractor Mac is taken off his fieldwork duties and parked to run a sawmill. This is hard for a tractor used to rolling across the fields. What good are wheels if you can’t use them? Through his friends and a lot of sawdust, Mac learns valuable lessons in cooperation and trust.

For kids ages 4-8 years old.

My Thoughts

I am always amazed by the quality of the illustration and the story when I open a PicPocket Books app.   Tractor Mac Builds a Barn is telling the story of a tractor who loves to move to work but then one day he has to be still for a few weeks while his owner is cutting wood.    Tractor Mac doesn’t like to be still but he does his job nevertheless.   Finally, the farmer bring him to show him what he had been working on for so many days.    All this time, while he was wondering what was going on, he was working hard to prepare the wood for a barn raising!

The app is easy to use and the story is read automatically to the child has the pages goes by.   If you child touches Mac or any animal in the story, some fun sounds will come out.     The person who reads the story is perfect as he takes his time to read the words and clearly pronounce the words for the young listeners.

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Stories from PicPocket books combines audio recording with interactive visual text to picture books of high quality.   These are definitively perfect when you are waiting to see the doctor or the dentist, or on a car trip (if the child has a headset… or if the parent doesn’t mind hearing the app while driving!). 

I doubt that anyone will be disappointed with this story which is fabulous for boys or girls.    My favorite part is that it shows how a barn raising happens and how a tractor can be used for various activities around the farm.

Tractor Mac Builds a Barn is available for purchase directly from iTunes for the price of 1.99$.

Disclaimer: I received the app for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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