Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A little bit about ME

During the week-end we had an activity of making a collage from things found in magazines which will represent us.   We had a time limit to do so...  Here's what I came up with!

Collage about me...

So here is what I said when we presented it...  The Quebec flag represent where I come from, I was born and raised in Quebec.  The French represent the fact I am French-Canadian but most of all I AM CANADIAN!

The fish shaped orange reprenset christianity and also the fact that my husband introduced me to fishing last year and I enjoy it... (the fishing part - I am not in the mode of putting the bait on the hook yet and taking the fish out of the hook!).  Faith is something we need and experienced in our life with a multitude of aspects from contracts for the business to having children.

Do I have to explain the chocolate piece there???   I didn't think so.   The little cake with the pineapple is representing my love for sweet and PINEAPPLE.  Mmmm!

I am a Mother and I am a stay at home mom.   The word HARVEST represent the harvest for the Lord that needs to be done as well as our hope to plant a church.   The Nutrisse represent the fact that Ido dye my hair and it is the company I am using... Thanks to my husband who does my color monthly, I don't have my gray hair... (it is really bad since it is genetic in my family!).

The little birdhouse shows my love for birdwatching... The butterfly is one of the bugs I really love... I couldn't find the ladybug or the dragonfly, so butterfly it is!

The image with the people bent together represent the fact that sometimes, we need to be flexible to situations and adapt ourselves to things coming to us.  Not easy sometimes but feasible.

VeggieTales represent our love for these videos.   We were major fans of them even before we had kids...

There is an image with stamping things on it...  I love stamping and card making as well as scrapbooking.   So this represent my artsy side.

The little boy in the water on the top represent my love of travelling and also the fact of having three boys.  

Finally, I represented the homeschooling part with the picture with the little girl writing with chalks.   Okay I don't have a girl but deep down I wish I would have one...   Who knows maybe it will happens... If not, I trust that God will bring me daughter-in-laws with whom I will have a ball and be good friends.

Voilà!   This is all you will have about me in there.   I wish I had more time to have included the wife and love side of me...  But it is there!!! 

I loved doing this little exercise...  It was fun.  I recommend it to anyone who is planning a retreat.   Just ask people to bring some magazines and scissors and everyone has access to the magazines.   

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