Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My opinion on Spider-Man 3

So last night, some friends of ours came to babysit our boys and we were able to go see Spider-Man 3.   Thanks Bryan and Tracey... Appreciate it!

The movie is okay but between you and me there was too many new character and too much fighting.   It is the last part of the trilogy and I feel as though they went a bit fast on certain aspects... and there was part of the movie I would have removed.  But if you have seen the first two, you need to see this one.

On the other hand, I can see how to use this movie for sermons...   The symbiote is black and brings out the bad out of you.   You can see how Peter Parker becomes very bad and a jerk.   It also affects another person.  So between you and me this is a very good illustration of SIN.  

This is a PG 13 movie if I remember correctly and there was children younger than that in the theater...  Lots of violence and events that I would prefer kids to be protected from.   Good movie for parents who have seen the first two Spider-Man.   But if your kids are younger than 13, don't bring them...   as a pre-teen or even a teenager, it is a good movie to start discussion on various subjects.

We felt the same way after the last X-Men movie.   These trilogy thing something sucks while other ones are very good (like the Pirates of the Carribean).   Anyhow, the next movie of super-heroes coming out this summer is Fantastic Four.   Knowing what we know now, we will go not expecting anything.  But the Silver Surfer is introduced so... stay tuned!

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