Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mud Oven Experience...

Recently, I went with a bunch of ladies to a place called Mud Oven.  In there you buy something you will paint and a week later you get the product finished.

It is my second time to the place.  LOVE IT!   In there I can open up to a whole new world: painting.   My maternal grand-mother used to paint when she was younger.  I even have two of her paintings hanging in my dining room.  She had done them on roller blinds.  Back then, there was not a lot of money so she used what she had...

My paternal grand-mother was painting too...  Maybe it is in my blood.  Who knows...   But for now I am sticking to patterned stuff...  Maybe one day when my kids will be grown I might take a painting course...

So here's what my plaque look like before going through the oven...

And here's the results...  I just got it this morning at church.  I am speechless!  Never thought it would come out like this!



  1. That is soooooo pretty ! This sounds like a lot of fun. (0= I pray you have a blessed day and indulge yourself today in some way.

    God Bless my SSiC (Sweet Sister in Christ )

    In Him<><


  2. That turned out really neat.

    I wonder if there are places like that around here?