Sunday, May 13, 2007

Returning to your first love

We have this series at church right now about returning to our first loves... like evangelism, reaching out to the community, prayer and so on...
Anyway, I have been returning to my first love as well in the last few weeks. For the second time this Sunday I was in a skit and LOVE IT! Okay there was the usual stress before going on the stage and the fact the English is not my first language (I am French-Canadian...) but I just enjoyed myself.
I used to do plays when I was in high school and cegep (equivalent to beginning college in Quebec). Then when I went to university I stopped for whatever reason...
A few weeks ago my husband and I made a skit about the Trinity. I was playing the little girl and he was my dad. It was fun. This time, Shawn and I did a skit on evangelism presenting the idea of the fun cruise tied with the Way of the Master. Again I enjoyed myself... Fun Fun Fun!
For those of you who would like to know more about the Way of the Master please check their website... Remember Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains. He is part of this new way of evangelizing people. We went through the basic training and loved it.

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