Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Seven things about me

I've been tagged... my first one! Horray! I need to write down seven things people don't know about me... Mmmm! Let me think. Too bad I already announced the pregnancy, that would have been one!!!
1) My favorite meal during summer is called "guédille"... You must be wondering what the heck it is... You take a hot dog bun, you put chopped onions, mustard and relish at the bottom of it. Then you had coleslaw made with cabbage and carrots and mayonnaise. You top it with french fries and ketchup. DELICIOUS! I love to surprise guests with this out of the ordinary meal. It is something well known in Québec. Various version of it exists some with different ingredients in it like tomatoes.... I am sticking to the one my cousin made me discover when I was a teenager.
2) I don't wear makeup... rarely anyway... mostly for big events like wedding and even then it is very light.
3) I have a Master degree in Information Technology...
4) I met my brother-in-law and his cousin before meeting my future husband... at church!
5) I love sci-fie shows like Star Trek and Star Wars... I am not a major fan as I don't know everything regarding these movies but I enjoy them.
6) I was once considered the perfect wife... My husband had went to a teenager place to buy some comics and while talking he told him that I was reading more comics than him. The guy looked at him and said "Wow! You have the perfect wife!". Hi hi... Another guy from Toronto asked my husband if I was letting buy the collection we went to pick up once. And again a similar reaction. The poor fellow was selling it because his girlfriend was sick of it.
7) We once bought 89000+ comics. We had 190 boxes in our garage all summer and we did lots of garage sale for comics. We had a blast that summer... Still have some of these boxes in our basements.... Totally crazy... We got them through E-Bay. I still can't believe we did that!!!
Voilà! Here's the 7 things people might not know about me...
If you are reading this, you are tagged, please have fun a little bit and try to figure out 7 things someone don't know about yourself...

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