Monday, May 28, 2007


Supper time tonight...   I am alone with Alexandre and Jérémy since my husband went fishing with Dominic.   Having a little conversation with my son about school stuff...

Out of the blue, he once again tells the story of another little boy in his class saying that he wants to marry another little boy from the class.   It isn't the first time it is happening and we talked about it with him already.  He knows that God has not intented marriage to be between same sex.   However, I am quite surprised that this is coming out again.  That's when he tells me that the teacher mentioned that now it is possible for two men to marry... or two women for that matter.

It took me by surprise.   For goodness sake the kids are 5 or 6 years old.   Why on earth a teacher would pass a comment like this in class.   Can't we keep their innocence a little bit longer.   And he is going to a catholic school...

To be honest, I knew that the government is looking into introducing this sort of teaching but I wouldn't have thought that catholic school would be affected.

Just talked to my husband...  He is determined to pull him out of school immediately.  I want to have HSLDA behind us... so I am calling right away to get my membership number from the homeschool association in our area.  

Honestly, I am stressed... Still wondering if I will be able to do it with the baby coming at the end of the year.   I've got the math program and ordered the book Come Sit By Me...  Still have to check the French program for reading and writing.    I know that it is the best decision I am doing for my son...   but the enemy is playing with my mind.

Please pray...


  1. Wow, I'm surprised that they condone that sort of thing in a Catholic school. Come sit by me is a wonderful program. I used it with my son and we really enjoyed it : )

    Just an idea for you to mull over about being able to homeschool when baby arrives and not feel stressed that you are falling behind....what we do is in the summer we work on some of our school work that we would normally start in September at a relaxed pace and catchup on any extra curricular things that we didn't get to during the regular school year. This give us a jump on the new year and also the freedom to take off extra time when we need to because we are ahead. You could do this with your son so that when baby arrives you can take a month or two off to adjust and get back into the groove and you won't have the added pressure to keep up with a rigorous schedule.



  2. You can do it! I teach a group of school age girls at our church. One girl, from a solid Christian family, was telling us about a game at recess were she is married to another girl. I about puked! About your baby coming and homeschooling - relax! If things get skipped or put on hold it is no big deal. The important lesson of loving God and family is what will be learned! Hang in there! None of us do this homeschooling thing perfectly, we just do it. God bless.


  3. I agree with the comment about not being perfect homeschoolers. We just do it! That is my life absolutely, but I do know it's where he wants our family to be with education. I know it's different for everyone. Don't worry if God is calling you to teach your boys at home he will equip you.


  4. I am praying!!

    I can't believe that they are starting with it so young. Knowing boys, you might want to prepare yourself for this to come up again later. Even a year or so from now when you think it is all over, it will come back. At least that is the way my boys are.

    Don't worry about school. You will be a great teacher. You already have the two most important things you need ... God and wanting what is best for your kids. With these two combined you are sure to succeed.