Tuesday, May 1, 2007

How to make...

... BREAD!

At the field trip at the Canadian Children's Museum today we learned how to make bread...   The kids really enjoyed it and it was really hands-on. 

After adding water, honey and yeast, this is what the mixture looked like:

Then after a few minutes... the yeast has eaten the honey and it got BIG!!!

It was now time to add the flour - the job of my son, Alexandre.

Salt was included after by one of his classmates and then it was mixing time...

 With a bit of hands-on....   Funny feeling for them!

After that, they all got a little piece to mold in a little bread.

And in the oven, they went.   After a little activity of recognizing the different types of bread we can find around the world and a special delivery to different part of the world, the kids got the chance to eat their little bread.  Here's the finished product.

One for mom and one for son!  Mmmm!  Good...

Now, mind you, we do have a bread machine at home and sometimes Alexandre does help.   But it was fun to do.

Here's the recipe:

3/4 cup of water
1 tbsp of honey
Mix well together!

Add 1 tbsp of yeast
Let rest for about 7 minutes...

Add 2 cup of flour (we had whole wheat flour!)
Add 1 tsp of salt
Mix well with a spoon then use your hands...

Shape in the form of bread you would like to have.
Put in the oven.

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