Thursday, June 11, 2009

Excitement in the house...

I go out to run some errands.  By myself - no kids as hubby is at home.  

I come back and I have my oldest sort of excited.   He says daddy wants to talk to me downstairs (where the office is).

So I go.   And Alexandre is jumping up and down.  And ask me a joke question.  I answer not really thinking when he just asked me... and I was wrong in the answer because he tells me no and then tell me the answer.   He is still jumping up and down - grinning his biggest smile I ever seen.

Then he tells me that FOTF called to tell him that they loved the joke he had submitted a while back and that it will be published in the October 2009 issue of Clubhouse Jr. . And yes, you guessed it, the joke question he asked me was the one he had sent.   Geez  What kind of mom am I?   I forgot about it. *sigh*

Anyhow, he is so happy about it.   We had sent it to the office in BC which in turned send it to the office in Colorado Springs, US.   We had received a letter about it and it was also saying that they do receive lots of jokes and it might not be selected.  

So they called.   It will be published.   My son is happy and excited about it.   And they will send multiple copies of the magazine.

My son will have his joke published.   Can you imagine?

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