Tuesday, June 2, 2009

UHU Product of the Month of May

The Product

UHU Glue Roller - In permanent and repositionable disposable rollers. Acid-free and solvent-free formula. Innovative micro-dot glue pattern means a clean break, no stringing effect. Bonds paper, cardboard, photos, plastics, glass and other smooth surfaces. Dries quickly and can be permanent or repositioned. Adjustment screw for constant tension on tape. Contains 39 ft (12m) of micro dots.

My Thoughts

I must admit that I was quite surprised when I trid the product for the first time. It does apply micro dots when you use it. Again, this product is acid free and is great for photos, scrapbooks or arts and crafts (like card making!).

At first I had a few issues to use the product but then I realized that my 5 year old played with it... How many times will I have to tell him not to play with the things in my office? Oh well!

After figuring out that my son had played with the UHU glue roller, I was able to use it with no problem. The product applies the glue easily on the paper and you don't have to wait to glue your creation. According to the package, the bond should be instantaneous. However, this time I mostly used it to create an envelop for my niece dedication and I had to apply the glue numerous times for the envelop to stay together.

After a couple of months of wait, I was able to get my cricut Expression and used it to cut out the card and the envelop for the dedication of my niece. Then I applied the glue a few times on each side of the envelop to make sure that it would glue properly. It did a great job actually!!! I know the image is not really clear but this is the back of the envelop.

As for the card, I used the glue roller for the stamp part on it and I used the UHU Stic for the letters. To my opinion, both glues are wonderful when creating cards and/or scrapbooking.

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