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Hebrews - Life Application Bible Studies

Hebrews – Life Application Bible Studies
Published at Tyndale

About the Study
Whether you are teaching a class, leading a small group, or just looking for a challenging personal study, these Life Application Bible Studies are for you. With thought-provoking questions, complete lesson format, the full text of the book of Hebrews, and the most extensive commentary available in a Bible-study booklet, this study guide gives you everything you need for understanding God's Word and applying it to your life.

This study has an in-depth examination of the book of Hebrews in 13 lessons. It includes the full NLT text and Life Application notes. Ideal for those looking for an application oriented approach to Bible study. Special application questions at the end of each lesson to help you map out your personal action plan. Study notes that are easy to use and understand, covering background, history, geography, and culture. Charts, maps, and profiles of Bible people that present biblical truths in unique and helpful ways. Everything you need in one place! Over 1 million sold in the series (NLT and NIV).

My Thoughts
From the moment I hold this study of the book of Hebrews, I wanted to start it. What I particularly like from this study is that you will found everything you need in the study guide. You will found the complete text taken from the New Living Translation, study notes, application notes as well as any pertinent information for the study of the book of Hebrews. Also, the second part of the Life Application Bible Study includes 13 read-to-use lessons with pertinent questions that will jolt your thought process and make you reflect on the Word of God.

This particular Life Application Bible Study can be used in a group setting or individually. In a group setting, this type of bible study is interesting because everyone can read the Word of God from the same version of the Bible. When participating to various bible studies in the past I found it was a little bit distracting when not everyone were reading from the same version.
Each lesson is divided in 5 segments – Reflect on your life, Read the passage, Realize the principle, Respond to the message and Resolve to take action. We all know that to apply what we have read in the Word of God, we need to apply it in our life. In the how to use this Bible Study section, you will also find some suggestions on how to use it from a 60 or 90 minutes study. This period of time gives the user the possibility to digest and reflect on what he/she has read. This Life Application Bible Study will help you to do so. There are quite some spaces to answer the questions and at the end of each lesson you will find more study possibility to deepen your study. However, these extra studies do not have place to write down your thoughts on them. I think it is unfortunate that it is that way.

This only thing that bothers me is a claim made at the back of the study book. It is written: “You want your Bible study to help you grow, make a difference, and change your life. This one will. Personally, I don’t think a book by itself will change my life. What will change my life are the effort and the time I invest in doing the study with all my heart and be willing to be changed by the Spirit while I do it. I think it’s the willingness of the person to apply what he/she has read in his/her life that is important. You can do as much study as you want but if you don’t apply it in your life, it’s worth nothing. You must be prepare to meet with God while doing such a study and expect anything to happen in your own life at the end of it. Two different people can do the same study and reap different results depending of their walk in life and with God. It’s a choice that anyone has to make. Will I be willing to be moved by this study or not? The book in itself won’t do it. Your heart and mind must be there too!

I have started the book and I am very impressed with the quality of the questions asked. It makes you think twice before writing down your answers. However, even if it is another fill-in type of bible study, I sense that the questions will make me ponder and take my time before jumping in a quick answer. I personally look forward to dig deeper in the book of Hebrews and be changed by the study. I’m quite excited about this Life Application Bible Study and will bring it on our trip to continue learning about what God has to teach me through the book of Hebrews.

The Life Application Bible Study on the book of Hebrews is available at any Christian bookstores as well as on amazon.ca.

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